Friday, January 30, 2004

The Joy of Doors

I'm sitting here right now listening to two of my co-workers yell at each other from the other side of the building. This is fun. I'm a people-watcher (perhaps, since I can't see them, I should say "observer") by nature, and it's really amusing sometimes the things people can get riled up over.

Right now, the argument seems to be about exactly where on a form a certain bit of information needs to be written, about what the word "bin" means, and who said what when. I feel like I'm listening to a Presidential impeachment hearing, at high volume.

I think this is an outstanding reason for doors on all of our offices. We don't have that now. Granted, our building isn't that big, and they're yelling pretty loudly, so I might still be able to hear them with a door or two in between. At the very least, though, it would keep me from having to hear our Marketing Director's kid singing from across the hall when she's here. Hell, for that alone I think I'd pay for the doors myself.

To be honest, maybe it's better this way. For one, it's sort of amusing. Actually, when they're finished, maybe I'll go offer some suggestions, just to see if I can rile them up again. Secondly, it serves as a warning--by the nature of this conversation, I know it's probably going to involve me at some point. At least now I won't be blindsided.

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