Thursday, January 29, 2004

Some Pet Peeves About Work

It's always cold in my office. Actually, it's always cold on this whole side of the building.

Our Marketing Director comes to work around 9:30 (we start at 8:00) and goes to lunch around 11:30 (the rest of us go at noon). Sometimes she comes back afterwards, sometimes she doesn't. Coincidentally, she's engaged to the company president. Hmm....

Also, when she is here, she often brings her kid to work with her. The kid, who is a ten year-old girl, sits in the office across the hall and jabbers and/or sings (poorly) loudly and constantly. I'm not even allowed to have a radio on my desk.

I hate it when people don't get back to me. If I call someplace and leave a message, send an e-mail, or request a quote or whatever, it would be nice to get some type of response. I also hate it when there are shipping delays and they don't inform me. I just can't believe how some places do business.

The work flow is incredibly inconsistent. On the whole, business has been down lately, so work has been scarce. However, even now, sometimes there are days when everything is rushed and we need it done now, and there are other days when I just sit here dying of boredom. On days like that (today, for instance), I try to come up with new ways of amusing myself, like writing pointless blog entires. It would be nice if the work was just spaced more evenly.

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