Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Windshield Wipers

This morning, my windshield wipers successfully made the list of "Most Useless Things in the Universe."

My girlfriend Brandi lives in Stow, OH (near Akron), and I occasionally drive over there to see her even during the week. It's about two hours from where I live/work, which usually isn't that big of a deal. This morning, though, there was a good deal of snow and rain between Akron and Toledo, which necessitated a good deal of windshield wiper usage.

It seemed like most of the time, using the wipers just made it worse--instead of clearing my view, they just smeared a whole bunch of crap over my field of vision. Lovely. I'm sure I ended up using most of my wiper fluid just to fix the damage it caused, which generally made things better for approximately four seconds. Most likely they need to be replaced.

Another thing. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I've had wipers start to wear out, they always start to leave streaks...RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. How does this keep happening? It leaves a perfect streak of exceptionally unclean glass right in the portion of my windshield that I want to look out of, meaning that I either have to crane my neck to see over it or crouch way down to see under it. This happens to me each time I start to need new wipers--it's uncanny, really.

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