Wednesday, February 11, 2004


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Something strange happened this afternoon at work. I actually got...busy. It was weird. I had real, actual work to do. That hasn't happened for quite some time. I had so much to do, in fact, that I couldn't do the writing that I planned while I was there. You are now reading my first-ever blog post written from my home computer instead of the one at work.

As much as I hate going random two days in a row, here goes:

* I just got back from Anderson Arena, where my beloved BGSU Falcons pulled out a ten-point victory over the Ohio Bobcats. More on that later, probably tomorrow.

* Not only was I busy with real work this afternoon, but I actually have some of it left over to do in the morning. This is seriously a new development. Sometimes I leave things on purpose so I have something to start with in the morning, but this is the first time in a while that it's happened on its own. Apparently we've gotten a couple of orders in the past few days. This is a good thing.

* I was talking to a guy at work today, and he told me he wishes he had never met his wife. Woohoo! Let's all give a cheer for the sanctity of marriage, shall we? At any rate, all soapboxing aside, I thought that was a pretty dickhead thing to say. Well, let me amend's a pretty dickhead way to feel. I guess if it's true, it's true. Hearing stuff like that just makes me wonder about people. Sitting here thinking about it, I can't come up with anyone that I honestly wish I had never met, let alone anyone close to me.

* I also want to amend some of the nice things I said yesterday about Waldenbooks. I went there after work yesterday and they didn't have any of the books I was looking for. Looks like I'll be paying a visit to Amazon after all.

* I had an e-mail read by Tony Kornheiser on his ESPN Radio show this afternoon. Basically I just said I liked his Old Guy Radio segment, and talked about the reasons why. It was nice of him to read it, and it made me feel like a celebrity for the rest of the day.

* Today was supposed to be a day for eating healthy at Wendy's, but it just didn't happen. Look, everyone, you just can't be clogging up the line in Wendy's when I go in there with the intention of ordering something that isn't totally bad for me. If I have to stand in line, that gives me time to be subjected to the way the place smells. I love everything at Wendy's, and if I have to smell it, there's no way I can order a salad, a potato, and chili. I like those things too, but if I can smell meat and French fries, then dammit, I'm getting meat and French fries.

* Besides the fact that the snow on the ground is finally beginning to melt, I can tell that spring isn't too far off because the stupid beetles that have been infesting Ohio for the past several years are starting to come back to life. I say we have a few days of nice, warm weather to get them all revved up again, then have one more hard, solid freeze to kill them all off. I don't know whose bright idea it was to introduce these bugs to this area (and yes, it was done on purpose), but I hope that person is suffering.

* If you're going shopping at Wal-Mart, please do everyone else in the world a favor and LEAVE YOUR STUPID KIDS AT HOME!!! It's bad enough with all the slow people clogging up the aisles, but I hate it when the place is also crawling with kids who a) keep screaming and won't shut up, which usually just prompts the parents to scream back, which makes it worse; or b) step in front of me while I'm looking at something and then just stand there. People who know me will sign statements swearing that I'm the most laid-back person on the planet, but when faced with idiot children, I want to go berserk. Someday I'm going to start throwing elbows.

* Needless to say, I found myself at Wal-Mart yesterday evening. They didn't have the books I wanted either, but I didn't go in there expecting to find them. I bought a Dustbuster. More than a full day later, I haven't taken it out of the box yet. People who know me won't be surprised. Actually, they may be surprised that I bought one in the first place.

* Most of the lights in Wal-Mart's parking lot were burned out or turned off for some mysterious reason as I was on my way out of the store. I was extremely surprised by how dark it was. I had a hard time finding my car.

* A lot of times, streetlights turn off as I get near them, or they turn on if they were off before. Does this happen to anyone else?

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