Friday, February 20, 2004

Notes, Quotes, and Sailboats

Since there's nothing demanding my attention this afternoon, you get another installment of randomness. What a treat.

  • Colorado University head football coach Gary there any question this guy needs to go? Seven incidents of alleged sexual assault by football players under his watch, including one against another player (female or not)--this gives, at the very least, the appearance of a program out of control. Barnett can plead ignorance all he wants, but ultimately, the responsibility for the overall health of the football program lies with the head coach. His callousness toward the situation doesn't help matters either. It seems to me that CU's administration has no choice other than to fire him, if for no other reason than public relations.

  • Baseball's spring training has started. Individual game tickets for the Cincinnati Reds go on sale tomorrow. Life is good.

  • As baseball winds up, the college basketball season is winding down. The BGSU Falcons have five more games (four at home) before the MAC Tournament begins on March 8. The first round of the tournament is played at campus sites, so I'm hoping the Falcons play well enough in the meantime to turn that into another home game.

  • One of BG's remaining home games is tomorrow afternoon vs. the Youngstown State Penguins. I'm hoping to get Brandi to come with me, as she's never been to a game at Anderson Arena. I'm also hoping a lot of people show up, so she can see how much fun a game there can be.

  • The high school basketball regular season is also coming to a close. My Troy Trojans are 18-1 heading into their final contest tonight at Huber Heights Wayne. They've earned a #1 seed in the upcoming state tournament, which begins next Thursday. Living over a hundred miles away, I haven't seen them play yet this year, but I'm hoping to make it to see them play at least once in the tournament.

  • I caught a show on SpikeTV last night called Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. I couldn't describe it adequately if I tried, so I'll just say that it was incredibly funny. They were actually showing a marathon, and I think Brandi and I ended up watching three episodes in a row.

  • A wrestling match with my stapler this afternoon reminded me of another aspect of my former job at Spring Hill. I seemed to be the de facto repairman for staplers and the copy machine. Whenever someone was having issues with one of these items, they would come to me for help. I'm not entirely sure why. I did always seem to fix the problem...maybe that's why.

  • It's raining pretty hard right now. I can hear it pounding on the window in my office. One of my co-workers has been complaining about the rain, loudly, for about an hour. What's to complain about? Anytime it's precipitating in February in a liquid rather than a solid form, I figure it's a good thing.

  • Anyone else like pineapple on pizza? I love it, but I seem to be in the minority.