Monday, February 02, 2004

Oh No, It's a Boob!!!

Something unprecedented and shocking took place during the halftime show at last night's Super Bowl.

I found myself enjoying a Justin Timberlake song.

Let's get this straight from the outset. Normally I'm not very much into bubblegum pop acts, particularly anyone recently escaped from a "boy band." However, Mr. Timberlake's performance last night was fairly enjoyable. The other performers were P. Diddy, Nelly, Kid Rock, and Janet Jackson. I generally like the rest of them, so enjoying Justin's song was an added bonus. In addition to some pretty good music, the theatrics and staging were also incredible. I found myself marveling at how elaborate it was, given how little time they had to set up and perform.

Don't get me wrong: I watch the game because I like football. This, though, is the first time I can remember that the halftime show was actually worth watching. Didn't Shania Twain lip-synch her way through the show last year? I can't quite remember.

Oh yeah, there also seemed to be some issue this year with one of Janet Jackson's breasts being exposed by the aforementioned Mr. Timberlake. This was all over the news last night, the radio shows this morning, and most of my co-workers were talking about it when I arrived at work this morning.

Give me a break. I can't believe this is even a story, or that I'm taking the time to respond to it. Are there really people out there who are offended by this? Seriously?

* Her breast was in view on-screen for probably less than one full second. CBS cut away from it very quickly. That was barely enough time for most people to even see it, let alone to be upset by it.

* The camera angle was such that it was almost impossible to see anything anyway. For all I could tell (and I saw the replay at least ten times, shown on the local network news that night), she could have been wearing a flesh-colored bodysuit underneath her leather outfit. I heard later that she was wearing something to cover her nipple.

* If her nipple was covered, then what's the big deal anyway?

Finally...being aware that this is a fight I'm never going to win, I feel compelled to mention it anyway. Does anyone ever get offended about seeing a guy with his shirt off? You see it all the time--on network television, in everyday life. Why no uproar about this? It's an inexplicable double standard, and I'd be interested to hear any RATIONAL explanations for it. The only explanation I've heard for anyone being offended by Janet's (Miss Jackson, if you're nasty) boob flash is "my kids were watching!" So? Listen, the best thing you can do for your kids--indeed, for the future of America--is let them know that this is no big deal. Trust me on this one.

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