Friday, February 13, 2004

Where Do I Sign Up For This?

Movieoke: like karaoke...but different!

I seriously hope this catches on and spreads through the U.S. like wildfire. I can't even tell you how incredibly fun this sounds to me.

Brandi loves to sing karaoke, as do some of our other friends. We go out for it occasionally, and I sit and watch everyone else sing. I enjoy it, because I love listening to Brandi sing, and it's pretty entertaining to see other people do it as well. Sometimes it's entertaining because the person can really sing, and sometimes it's entertaining because they really can't. You just never know.

As for me? I've tried karaoke one time. I love to sing, but I've got one small problem: I can't. Trust me, my "talent" is best confined to my car, where I can belt it out as loud as I want without harming anyone's sensibilities (except Brandi's). I'm not saying I'll never do it again, but I have very little desire to go up there and suck. Maybe I should say I'll never do it again sober. Even that may not necessarily be true.

But karaoke for movie dialogue? Wow, that's a different story altogether. I would be all over that. I quote movie dialogue all the time now, sometimes to the point of distracting (a.k.a. "annoying") the people around me. Anyone who read the post from a day or two ago will not be surprised to know that I can pretty much run with the original Star Wars movies, verbatim, from beginning to end. I just have a memory for that sort of thing. I don't put it on my resume or anything.

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