Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A Correction (re: BG-WMU Officiating)

I have just learned that the officiating crew for last night's BG-WMU game was actually a crew from the Big Ten, and not from the MAC. I would like to apologize to MAC officials for saying they were responsible for last night's horrible officiating performance. I stand by my statement that they're generally not very good, though, and that they're KNOWN for being not very good. Consider this: last night's contest featured two MAC teams, so why use officials from a different conference? It just so happens that the game was televised on Fox Sports Ohio. Having the typically bad MAC officiating in front of a partisan crowd of 2,100 or so who are going to think the officials suck anyway isn't that big of a deal, but I'm guessing the conference administration had no desire to showcase it to a potentially large television audience. Sure, the officiating sucked anyway, but at least now they have plausible deniability: "well, they weren't our officials."

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