Monday, March 01, 2004


Another weekend in Bowling Green.

This is something of a rare treat for me, to spend two weekends in a row in BG. I usually drive to Stow to spend the weekend with Brandi. Actually, that was the plan for this weekend when the week started, but eventually she decided to come to BG instead.

I don't mind driving to Stow at all, but I tend to think that the weekends we spend in Bowling Green are just a little bit better. We don't really know anyone in or around Stow, and we're not all that familiar with the area. In BG, we both have friends, familiar hangouts, etc. It's a lot of fun for us to be there. Brandi lived in BG for the better part of four years while she went to school there, and I've lived in town for three years in addition to the three years I spent there in school, and in that time we've both had plenty of time to get attached to it.

In some ways, this weekend was a mirror of last weekend. We had dinner Friday evening at Easystreet Cafe, which is a favorite of ours (and pretty much of everyone who has ever eaten there, as far as I can tell), and then met up with some friends to have a few drinks. On Saturday afternoon there was a BG basketball game, and Brandi and I had dinner that night at Cucina di Betto. All of these are things we did also last weekend. Of course, this weekend I did end up going to the basketball game by myself because Brandi wanted to do some other things.

An added bonus for this weekend was that it was really nice out. I hesitate to say that it was the first weekend of real spring, because I know this time of year is fickle and we'll probably have a couple more cold snaps and/or snowstorms before winter is gone for good, but it felt that way nonetheless. The weather, I think, is why Brandi decided against coming to the basketball game--she wanted to take the opportunity to go for a run while the weather was nice. I took advantage in my own way, and walked to the game.

The weekend wasn't exactly the same as the last one, though. This weekend, after dinner on Saturday night, we decided to go out again. We met up with our friends Cricket and Adam, which was a good time. We didn't close down the bars, though. Brandi and I went home and had another drink apiece while watching TV, and then went to bed. On Sunday we slept in until 1:00, which was awesome. We had a lazy day for a while, then finally decided to take advantage of yet another day's nice weather and go for a walk around campus and downtown.

It was a great day for a walk. We went up onto campus, and I was telling her about some upcoming construction projects that are being planned. We went into the campus bookstore and browsed for a bit. From there we walked downtown, where we went into a couple of shops and also ended up having dinner (at Jed's, a local sports bar chain, which is fairly decent). We stopped at Dairy Queen to get ice cream cones for the walk home.

A little later on, we went to see 50 First Dates, the new Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie. I may or may not write a review of it later, but it was pretty good. At any rate, it was on the way to the movie theater that Brandi first brought up the subject of moving back to BG in August instead of me moving to Stow in May. We talked about it most of the way to the theater, and some more when we got back to my apartment, and by the end of the night it was decided. My plans of moving to Stow are shelved, and Brandi will be coming back to BG when her current lease expires.

I know this was a difficult decision for Brandi, and she's still struggling with it a little bit. Like me, she's really attached to Bowling Green, but she'll be leaving a job she likes in her chosen field for an uncertain future. Nonetheless, I think this will make both of us happier in the long run. We'll be in a place that we're familiar with, where we have friends, and that we both love being in. Everything else can come in its turn.

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