Friday, April 02, 2004

Sleeping Beauty

Brandi is in Bowling Green to visit this weekend. Right now she's at my apartment, taking a nap. That would be nice.

I'm extremely tired right now. Last night was another late one, which resulted in another bout of oversleeping this morning. I'm really dragging today. If Brandi is still sleeping when I get home (which is about four hours from now, so most likely she won't be), I'm going to curl up and drop off right next to her.

I was reading for a little bit last night, but for the most part my late commitment to sleep came about because I was cleaning my apartment. It wasn't in horrible shape, but needed some straightening and a little bit of actual cleaning work. Mostly I had dishes to wash. Believe it or not, I don't hate doing this sort of thing; I just don't do it all that often, because I take my time doing it, and thus it takes a while.

Brandi makes fun of me for this all the time, but that's fine. I had a roommate in the past who was the worst washer of dishes in the history of mankind. I take a long time doing dishes, but I'm perfectly confident that anyone who comes to my place can take out a glass or a fork or something and use it without having to inspect it first for leftover bits of food from the last time it was used. That has not been the case with some of the people I've lived with.

Besides that, I don't mind taking a long time in the cleaning process because it gets me out of my normal routine of television, video games, Internet surfing, etc. I just kind of zone out while I'm doing it, and think about different stuff. Don't get me wrong--I certainly don't love it (evidenced by the fact that I don't do it often), but it's not the worst thing going, either.

I was up late doing that last night, and I was getting pretty tired toward the end. I seriously thought about leaving some of it, then getting up and doing it before work this morning. I had an idea that it wouldn't happen, though, and I'm glad I had the foresight to be aware of that. I have no idea how I manage to oversleep so consistently, but I did it again today. The alarm clock is definitely going across the room for next week.

I did eventually manage to get up and make it to work, and I'm oh so glad I did. I've had so much to do today. Oh, wait...did I forget to turn on my "sarcasm" font? Yeah, I've been bored out of my mind. I've had a couple of things to do here and there, but nothing major. On the bright side, a fifty-something co-worker did come up and tell me all his lusty thoughts about some attractive girls he saw the other day who were approximately my age. That's always pleasant, and makes me so glad I drove half an hour to be here.

Or perhaps not.

At least the day hasn't been a total loss. As per usual, I caught a few minutes of "The Herd" on my way to lunch today. Colin Cowherd is no Tony Kornheiser, but he's got potential to be decent. Yesterday he was talking about attractive older women, and today he was having people call in to do Tom Brokaw imitations. That was pretty amusing. Maybe he'll end up earning my listenership (I can make up words if I want to--I have a degree in English. I'm a professional, kids...don't try this at home) after all.

Now, if only I could find a place to lie down and sleep away the remainder of the afternoon. I definitely don't have anything better to do.

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