Monday, April 26, 2004

Weekend Review

Brandi often tells me that reading my blog makes her feel like our entire existence together revolves around eating and sleeping. I'm happy to say that rarely has that been more true than this weekend just past. We didn't have any specific plans, and it seemed that neither one of us really felt like venturing out and doing anything, so we didn't.

As per usual, I got to Stow around 7:00 on Friday. We decided on Mexican food, so we went to a place called El Campesino. That was a great choice. We didn't have to wait for a table at all, and they brought chips and salsa right away. I think that's the best part of eating at a Mexican restaurant. It was a little loud in there, but it had a good atmosphere. The waiters were joking around with people, and it was fun. The food was awesome, too.

After dinner we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, and then went back to Brandi's place to do nothing. We just hung out that night. I think all we did after we got home was play a couple games of Scrabble before turning in.

Saturday was much the same. We got up relatively early (10:30 or so, I think, which is early for a weekend) and just hung around the apartment for a while. As noon approached, we headed over to Pizza Hut for lunch. We went from there to Target, where Brandi wanted to get a few things, and from there to Jiffy Lube so she could get an oil change. There they found a couple of other issues on her car that needed to be addressed, so it's good that she decided to get her oil changed.

After that we headed back to her place to hang out and listen to the NFL draft on the radio, since she doesn't have cable at her place. There is an ESPN Radio affiliate in Cleveland, as well as a Fox Sports Radio affiliate. I was hoping to get ESPN's coverage, since Mike and Mike were doing it, but no such luck. They had some local yahoos talking almost exclusively about the Browns. I guess that's to be expected, in a local NFL market, but their coverage sucked. They talked almost exclusively about the Browns, to the exclusion of even telling everyone what the other picks were. That's all I cared about. I don't care about the Browns at all; I just wanted to know who was going where. This was made even more boring by the fact that the Browns only had one significant draft pick, so they had to talk about that the whole time. I liked the Fox Sports coverage, which was more the overall coverage I was looking for, but unfortunately they were pre-empted by a baseball game for several hours.

Anyway, listening to the horrible draft coverage eventually lulled both of us to sleep on the living room floor. When we woke up, we thought briefly about heading out for a few drinks. Neither of us really felt like interrupting our lazy weekend, though, so instead we decided to go get some movies and grab some fast food. We rented a couple of DVDs and drove through Wendy's (mmm, Wendy's) on the way home. We watched one movie as we ate, then put on an old standby (a movie we own) afterwards. As per usual, we fell asleep on the floor and woke up later to actually go to bed.

Sunday was a serious do-nothing day. We got up and went to the grocery store to get the stuff for Brandi to make dinner that night. We came home and ate leftover pizza and kept checking the internet (via my cell phone) for updates on the draft, since radio coverage sucked once again. We were kinda doing our own thing--I was playing PlayStation, and Brandi wandered into her room to watch a movie. Eventually I joined her, and predictably, we ended up napping.

I'm not sure exactly how long we slept, but it was a while. When we got up, Brandi started making dinner, with me pitching in occasionally where I could. She made lasagna, which turned out to be quite awesome. We also had salad (with Italian dressing from Olive Garden) and garlic bread. Good stuff.

After dinner we went for a walk. The temperature outside was great, but our walk ended up being aborted early by rain. It didn't rain hard or long, but we didn't want to take too many chances. We got home and dried off a bit, then watched the second movie we rented on Saturday. It was Saving Silverman, which was extremely strange but pretty funny.

After that we turned in for the night. Now I'm here, back at work on a Monday morning, and strangely feeling still tired even after all the sleeping we did over the weekend. I guess I'll have to get in yet another nap this afternoon.

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