Monday, May 10, 2004


As spring makes its way toward summer, it seems to be the time of year for significant changes. Looking around, I can see evidence of this everywhere. My friend Mike just graduated with his Bachelor's degree and will be moving soon. I think my cousin Mike may have just finished his internship, and therefore also graduated. Cricket just got her Master's, got a job, and will be moving to Texas, along with Adam, who was just accepted to grad school. Jamie just got a job in Chicago and will be moving soon. Erin is pregnant. Jessica just got engaged, and is looking to buy a house.

Even closer to me, Brandi is looking for a new job, and it seems like she's close. She'll be moving back to Bowling Green sometime this summer, come hell or high water.

I think this is how it was supposed to be four years ago, when I graduated. Somehow, though, everything managed to hold off until now. I just hope it rubs off on me somehow. The only real change I'm looking for is a new job. I haven't had any luck with this, but maybe I will soon. It seems like something's in the air right now.

One thing that may be changing for me in the near future is this blog. Blogger re-launched over the weekend, with a significant re-design to their site and some added functionality. I haven't really looked too hard at what they've done just yet, but even doing a quick skim showed some pretty cool stuff. I'll probably be experimenting some with it in the coming days, so be aware that some changes may be taking place in this blog.

It's not a new job, but it's better than nothing.

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