Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I Have to Get Out of Here, ASAP

One of my earliest blog posts was about my desire to have an actual door on the entryway into my office (The Joy of Doors). Several months later, I find myself wanting this more than ever. I can overhear far too much conversation going on in nearby offices.

One of our shop guys, having noticed the trend of people around him disappearing, today accepted a position with another company. Who can blame him? He wrote up a sheet giving notice that this Friday will be his last day here, and stuck it in the company president's mailbox before leaving for the day.

It so happens that the next office over from mine belongs to the office manager. Our company president was just in there, informing the office manager of said shop guy's impending departure, and bitching about the "lack of notice," without a trace of irony in his voice.

This, of course, is coming from the same person who has staged a flurry of layoffs recently, informing the guys as they left on Friday that they shouldn't come in on Monday. Lack of notice, indeed. Oh, and I also might mention that he doesn't deign to tell them himself; he has the head engineer do it.

I'm aware that it's traditional to give an employer two weeks of notice before a resignation; however, employees here don't even know right now if they'll be employed here next week. Given the situation, I don't think an end-of-week notice is at all inappropriate.

Given all of this, I'm going to be stepping up my own job search, for a couple of reasons. For one, I'm losing more respect for certain co-workers and the company's leadership with each passing day, and that leads to self-loathing when I realize I'm working for this clown. Beyond that, I don't see how this place is going to survive much longer. Most of the remaining few shop guys are close to landing other jobs, and this isn't the sort of place where they can bring anyone in off the street and train them to do the job in a day or two.

The company president has no respect for the expertise he has here in his shop right now. They're not well paid (no one here is), they're not particularly well treated, and now they have no sense of job security. Of course they're going to leave! This isn't just the shop guys, either--our production manager and head engineer are also actively looking elsewhere. If even some of these people leave, I don't know how this place can function. No one is irreplaceable, but no one here is easily replaceable. The powers-that-be would have a hard time attracting quality workers because he has no desire to pay anyone.

Frustration, thy name is work.

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