Friday, May 21, 2004

Speed Reading

On my old blog template, I maintained a list entitled "What I'm Reading Now." On this list I noted which books I was currently in the process of reading (or re-reading). I haven't yet added that feature to my new template, but it will be back eventually. I'm working on a couple of ideas for possibly doing it a bit differently.

In the meantime, I want to mention that last night I finished my most recent re-read of Stephen King's Wizard and Glass (which I've talked about before) and started re-reading Wolves of the Calla. These are Books IV and V, respectively, of King's Dark Tower series. The next installment, Book VI, Song of Susannah is scheduled to be released on June 8. I'll almost certainly be picking it up on its release date, and I want to finish off Wolves before then so I can be up to date and ready to dive right into the new one.

I'm a fast reader, so I highly doubt I'll have any trouble being ready. You never know, though.

I'm really excited for the new book. I love this whole series. I've been a Tower junkie since I was in junior high, I believe, when I got the first two books of the series (The Gunslinger and The Drawing of the Three) as a Christmas gift. It's been a frustrating interest at times, as additional books have generally been long in coming. However, King wrote the final three books in quick succession, so the wait is almost over. Wolves of the Calla was released last November; Song of Susannah will be here in a few weeks; and the final volume, The Dark Tower, will be released in September. I think I can probably work in yet another re-read of the whole series (and some of the auxiliary books) between June and September.

Of course, the release date for The Dark Tower also happens to be the release date for the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD. That's going to be an expensive day for me. It also means that my reading of that final book may be stretched out, as I'll have to work it in between viewings of my all-time favorite movie series (provided George Lucas doesn't totally ruin it with even more tweakings).

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