Monday, May 10, 2004

Weekend Review

Wow. It's a Monday morning, and there's plenty going on. I feel rested, I have work to do, and I've actually enjoyed being at work so far. I'm not counting on any of these things being the start of a trend, but it's definitely a nice change.

[Editor's Note: it's Monday morning when I'm starting to write this; it'll probably be into the afternoon before I finish it.]

The reason I feel rested, I'm sure, is because I actually felt like the weekend was long enough for a change. Normally I come in here on Monday morning, feeling like "where in the hell did the weekend go?" Today it's not like that. This weekend was the perfect mixture of busy fun stuff and lazy down time. I love that.

Brandi came into BG shortly after I got home from work on Friday. She got off work before noon and spent some time in between in her hometown of Clyde. I straightened up my apartment a bit before she got there. She had gotten up extremely early that morning and had a pretty busy day, so she was tired. She took a nap while I watched the Reds game on TV.

After she woke up, we got ready and went out with our friends Cricket and Adam (and a slew of others) to celebrate Cricket's graduation. She got her Master's Degree is Music Education. Actually, Adam was just accepted to grad school in Texas (near Austin), and Cricket just got a job down there, so they'll be moving sometime this summer. It sucks for us, but it's a good opportunity for them.

We went to several different bars over the course of the night, and had a really good time. Adam actually used to be a roommate of mine, but I think we talked more on Friday than we ever have before in our lives. We wanted to get something to eat after our night of drinking, but the Corner Grill was full, so we ended up going to Cricket's place for leftover Sloppy Joes. I happen to love a good Sloppy Joe, so that was fine by me.

Adam told me the next day that he fell down the steps after we left that night. Ouch!

Saturday started off as a pretty lazy day. Brandi and I stayed in bed until almost 1:00. We got up and watched the Reds game on TV (yes!), and I went and got Wendy's for us for lunch (yes!). We just hung out for a bit after that.

Brandi had plans that evening to meet up with her sister and a friend from high school for dinner, so she left around 6:15. I mostly just played PlayStation while she was gone. She came back a while later and we hung out some more, and then later that night I went to a party at my friend Jamie's place. Jamie just got a job in Chicago, so she'll be moving later this month. I didn't drink at the party, since we had been out drinking the night before and I didn't feel like it. It was a good time, though. I got to talk for a while to my friend Mike, who finally just finished his Bachelor's Degree and should now be able to hang out more.

Sunday was definitely a lazy day, all the way through. We started it off by sleeping into the afternoon once again. We laid around for a while, then finally went out for a late lunch/early dinner. We went to the same Mexican place we ate at the weekend before, and it was good once again. From there we proceeded to Wal-Mart, where we bought some outdoor toys (a Nerf football and some bubbles), and then onto campus to play around for a bit.

It started looking a little stormy, so we headed back to my place. We watched some TV while it rained, then went back out to get some ice cream after it cleared up. We brought our ice cream back to the apartment and parked ourselves on my couch to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which was being shown on ABC. We've seen it about a million times already, of course, but this showing included some new footage, as well as a preview of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (which comes out June 4) and some commentary by stars Dan Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione), and Rupert Grint (Ron).

The only downside to all of this is that Brandi woke up feeling a little sick yesterday, and it got worse as the day wore on. She went to the doctor today to get some allergy medication, so hopefully that will make her feel better. For today, though, she's already called in sick to her job, so she'll be staying with me another night. While I'm in favor of this, it sucks that she had to get sick in order for it to happen.

Today has been a pretty decent day at work so far as well. We're gearing up for some coming orders, so I've had some stuff to do. This morning I got to ride along as we tested a piece of equipment we're getting ready to ship. That was pretty cool.

Trends, please begin...NOW.

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