Friday, June 18, 2004


This whole "business hours" thing also applies to package deliveries. It's so hard to get a package delivered because it always requires a signature, yet anytime they come to the door, I'm at work. It's not exactly easy (or possible) to call in advance and have that package delivered to another address, either. If so, I could have them delivered to my work address. Nope, they always have to come to my apartment. What a pain.

This generally isn't a big deal, but I do like to shop online from time to time, and that means having stuff sent via FedEx or UPS or something. I don't mind waiting for it to be delivered, but I do hate waiting an extra day or two for it when they tried to deliver it when I wasn't home.

I guess I just need to become independently wealthy so I can stay home all damned day.

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