Monday, June 28, 2004

The Calm Before the Storm

Getting to work was a serious pain this morning. There was an accident on I-475, and traffic was backed up for several miles. I ended up getting off an exit before I usually do and just taking a different way around, but I was still delayed by probably twenty minutes. Then a traffic signal at a major intersection was having issues, just blinking instead of functioning normally, which turned that intersection into a two-way stop. Unfortunately, I was on the street that had to stop, and of course, I needed to make a left. That also took some time. I finally made it though and found, wonder of wonders, that I actually have a few things to do this morning. Nothing major, but at this point, I'm not complaining.

It was a nice weekend, if not particularly busy or exciting. Brandi was wiped out when she got to BG, so she pretty much just crawled into bed and stayed there until late Saturday morning. I didn't do much more myself. I went out to dinner that evening with my friends McComas and Charissa. We ate at a Japanese place in BG. I hadn't had Japanese food for a long time, so it was quite an experience. I liked it, though. I had grilled chicken in a mustard sauce, and it was really good. I also tried sushi for the first time, which I think is really impressive considering I don't generally like seafood even when it's cooked. It was okay, but I doubt I'll ever have the desire to eat it again.

On Saturday Brandi and I went for a walk along the bike trail in BG. I had never been on it before, and it's really nice. We exercised for a bit after that, then went to the mall where I ate pizza while Brandi got a manicure. I napped for a little bit when we got home, then that evening we went up to a Mexican place called Loma Linda's for dinner. Brandi's friend Rachel just graduated from cosmetology school, so she had a little get-together up there, which was fun.

On Sunday, I slept in until just after noon, while Brandi got up and messed around for a while. After I got up, we went to the grocery store to get a few things. We just watched TV and a movie after we got back, then we broke out the grill that Brandi got for her birthday last week. It was the first time for both of us--I've grilled food before, but never participated in the whole process from start to finish. We did hamburgers and hot dogs, though, and it turned out really well.

After dinner we started cleaning up a bit and prepping my apartment for Brandi to move in. She found out on Friday that she'll be starting her new job on July 6, which is next Tuesday, so a big part of her stuff will be arriving at my/our place this weekend.

The rest of the evening was spent mostly on the couch. I played PlayStation football for a while, and then Brandi and I watched a movie (Spider-Man) before going to bed.

Next weekend won't be nearly as calm and laid-back as this one was. I'm driving over to Brandi's place on Friday evening, and we're going to a concert that night in Cleveland. We'll stay over at her place that night, then load up our cars and drive back to BG on Saturday. Once there, we'll offload her stuff into my apartment, then head down to Troy for the remainder of the weekend. July 4 is my 27th birthday, so we always have a big family get-together at my parents' house, and then go to the fireworks that evening. Also, we'll have to find some time in there somewhere to see Spider-Man 2, which comes out this Wednesday...if I don't go see it on opening night, that is.

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