Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Yesterday's List, Revisited

  • I will not take a nap. CHECK!
  • I will take Return of the King back to the video store. CHECK!
  • I will get my hair cut. CHECK!
  • I will watch the Reds-Marlins game on TV. CHECK!
  • I will make time for PlayStation basketball. CHECK!
  • I will work on my other web pages. CHECK!
  • I will read some of Wolves of the Calla. CHECK!
  • I might go for a run (if it doesn't rain). CHECK!
  • I might do some laundry (if I feel like it). CHECK!
  • I might do some other cleaning (if I get around to it). -NO-

    I managed to do all the things I said I would do, and I only missed one thing I said I might do. To be perfectly honest, I've probably never been this productive before in my life. Granted, none of this stuff was earth-shatteringly important, but still, it's nice to know that I can get things done when I make up my mind to do so.

    Most impressive, I think, was the fact that I actually went to get my hair cut. Normally once I make up my mind to do this, it takes a while before it actually happens. I told Brandi I would get it done this week, though, so I decided to go ahead and get it out of the way. That mindset in itself is something of a rarity for me. I'm generally a procrastinator, so it's a little surprising that the haircut didn't wait until Thursday, at least.

    I didn't think I was going to get everything in that I did, but I managed. Actually, I may have even managed to do a bit of cleaning (which I said I might do) if I hadn't spent so much time working on my web pages. I'm not too upset that I didn't get around to it, though. Anyone who knows me can tell you that cleaning is not too high on my priority list. And just so you know, since that sounds horrible, my apartment isn't dirty, it's just messy. There's a difference.

    I managed to get my laptop working yesterday, so I worked on my web pages while I watched the Reds game. I definitely got pretty caught up in it. I got most of the basic coding down; now it's mostly a matter of adding content and optimizing the code. I'm hoping to unveil my work to the public in the next day or two.

    One thing I definitely did not do was get enough sleep. I continued working on my web pages long after I told myself to stop, and then I wanted to get some reading in. As I've previously discussed at length, reading before bed is a bad idea for me, because I have a hard time putting books down. Last night was no exception. I've read Wolves of the Calla before, but that doesn't make it any easier for me to stop. I think I finally turned off the lights at 2:45 a.m. Getting up this morning at 7:10 was not easy.

    Of course, even with as busy as I was yesterday, I still managed to clean my own lint out of the dryer when I was done with it. Imagine that.

    Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with my success in using my blog for a to-do list. It inspired in me a heretofore undiscovered level of productivity. I may just have to do it again at some point.
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