Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hail to the Chief (and Other Items of Note)

I know, I know. I just "purged the notebook" a couple of days ago, and now here I am, doing it again. For whatever reason that just seems to be the way my mind is operating this week.

  • I went yesterday after work to get tickets for the John Kerry rally in Bowling Green on Sunday. I'm pretty excited about this. The only experience I have that's even remotely like this is when President Reagan passed through my hometown of Troy on a train back in the 80s. That was way different, though, for several reasons. Reagan was already President, and not just a candidate. He didn't stop and speak, just waved at the crowd (and yes, there was quite a crowd) as the train passed--he was visible for maybe ten seconds. Also, I was pretty young at the time, maybe 7 or 8, so I had no clue what was going on. At any rate, I'm really interested to hear Kerry and Edwards speak in person so I can get a better feel for them. I'm sure it will be quite an event. There were a lot of people there getting tickets, and this was just one of several pickup locations, so I'm sure the turnout will be pretty significant.

  • The place where I picked up the tickets is a local bookstore/coffee shop in Bowling Green called Grounds for Thought. I had only been in there once before, but I should really get in there more often. It seems like a really cool place to hang out, and a lot of people do just that. They have tons of used books, and the place smells awesome. What more could you ask for? I'm not one for coffee myself (I prefer my caffeine served cold), but they have pastries and stuff too. I could totally see myself popping in there sometimes after work with a notebook and doing some writing.

  • I realized yesterday while doing something totally unrelated (strange how the mind works, yes?) that The Barbaric Yawp is now six months into its existence. And still going strong! More pages will be added soon, and of course you can look for at least one entry each business day.

  • Moving is just about done. There are still a few odds and ends left at the old place, but I think we'll probably empty it out this evening so we can dedicate ourselves to cleaning. The new place is coming together pretty nicely. There's still plenty of clutter, but things are finding their places. The couch and television were successfully moved yesterday, and I hooked up some electronics when I got home. I also installed a new shower head, which was badly needed. Once we get our cable TV and internet service hooked up on Saturday, we'll be in great shape.

  • Work is the last place I want to be right now. That's true most of the time, of course, but moreso today than usual. Everything (and everyone) is getting on my nerves. Maybe I need a nap.

  • I'm coming to realize that I really don't like the way Blogger now deals with bulleted items and the editing of a post. It takes forever for me to get it to look right, with the right line spacing and everything. It works almost like Microsoft Word, where it takes your work and kind of does its own thing with it. I like a lot of the new features they've added, but that's not one of them. Also, it absolutely infuriates me when I try to "Publish Post" and I get a "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" error. Sometimes it saves my work and sometimes it doesn't, and I think you can imagine how furious I become when it doesn't. That error doesn't occur often, but even rarely is too often.
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