Friday, July 02, 2004

Mostly Successful

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. Here's how I fared on the list I made for myself:

  • Air conditioner is fixed, and I got a key for Brandi.
  • I did not get an oil change, because the place was too busy. I'll get one before I get on the road today.
  • I got the stuff I needed from Wal-Mart.
  • I didn't do all the dishes, but I did most of them. Most of what's left is just cups, and most of those only had water in them anyway.
  • The trash is gone.
  • The bills are paid.
  • Exercise was done.
  • My bag is in my car, ready to go. I even remembered the concert tickets, which were far and away the most important items.
  • I did do some creative writing. I didn't work on the story I talked about, but managed to do some other writing. The story I mentioned will be worked on this weekend.
  • I missed my 1:00 a.m. deadline for getting in bed by fifteen minutes. However, I overslept by half an hour this morning, so it evened out.
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