Tuesday, July 13, 2004

On a Mission

  • Today I'm on a mission to find myself a copy of NCAA Football 2005 for PlayStation 2. There are a couple of shops in the area that may have it, so I'll probably call them or stop by those places on my lunch break. If that fails, there are a couple other places I may check on the way home this evening. I may not die if I don't get it today, but then again I may. You never know about these things.

  • The purchase of a new video game that I'm certain to be addicted to probably spells the end of the line for Galaxies. I started playing it last Wednesday and it has failed to capture my attention the way I thought it would. That's probably a good thing, actually, given the cumulative cost of a game subscription. Being addicted to football is much cheaper--all I have to pay for is the game itself, and I think that's true even if I decide to play it online. If I need a Star Wars video game fix, I can always pick up Knights of the Old Republic.

  • I walked into the copy room this morning to see our office manager sweeping up flecks of dried mud, which have been falling off the shoes of one of our engineers all morning. Said engineer was standing in the room, watching her do it. What in the hell is wrong with people here? If I'm that engineer and I'm responsible for the dirt all over the floor, there's no way I'm watching someone sweep it up for me. If I'm the office manager, there's no way I'm sweeping it up when the person responsible for it is right there. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

  • Speaking of going crazy, my downstairs neighbor apparently went a little crazy on Brandi this morning and confronted her in the parking lot for playing music at 8:00 in the morning. She called Brandi some names and said she was going to call the landlords on us. Um, okay. Considering that I've lived in the building for over three years and never had a complaint before, and also considering that I've lived above this particular person for over a year with no prior issues, I doubt our landlord will make much of an issue over it. Especially since this neighbor has never come up and asked us to keep it down or anything, and instead decided to just freak out. We're reasonable people, and pretty nice too (at least usually)--had she asked, I'm sure Brandi would have just turned down the music if it was too loud.

  • My running commentary on the Home Run Derby was fun, but probably could have been done better. It was overlong, but then again so was the event. I got distracted as it went on, which is why my commentary (particularly on the final round) kind of faded out. Still, it was my first try, and I'm sure I'll do better if I do something like that again.
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