Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Saying Goodbye

Last night was a bittersweet evening.

Today our friends Adam and Cricket are leaving, moving to Texas. Adam will be going to grad school down there, and Cricket got a job teaching music at a middle school. They've been planning this for a while, and last night it came time for us to have one last hurrah and then say goodbye.

It was a fun night. Brandi and I met Cricket and Adam and some other people at BW3, where it was karaoke night. The group was mostly made up of music teachers or vocalists of some sort, so this is something we do a lot. Brandi did one song, and tried halfheartedly to get me to sing one with her. I've done karaoke once, and I liked it, so it's probably something I'll do again at some point, but last night wasn't the night for it. I'm not a good singer, and I felt no particular need to publicize it.

We were there for a while, and then we went to Downtown to hang out and chat for a little while longer. Brandi was pretty tired, though, so we called it a night around 12:45. There were handshakes and hugs all around, and wishes for good luck and safe trips, but eventually we had to leave.

Brandi took it pretty hard. Cricket is one of her best friends, and both of them have been so busy that they never really had a chance for just the two of them to hang out together one last time. She was sad about that, and just that the fact that her friend was leaving in general. It was a fun night, but at the same time it sucks to see them leave.

Anyway, here's to Adam and Cricket. May you find Texas unbearable and return to BG in short order. Okay, I'm just kidding about that. I hope it goes well for them down there, but I do hope they make it back up here from time to time.

Cricket & Adam, the guests of honor.

Brandi & Cricket

Me & Cricket

Brandi and I mourn the departure of Cricket & Adam (and the retirement of Ricky Williams from the NFL)...

...and then Brandi sings "Dancing Queen." (A crappy picture, I know, but hey, it was semi-dark and I have a mediocre camera.)

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