Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Trying to Suppress My Irritation

I'm a little heated right now, because I've already written this blog entry once. As I was preparing to publish, I clicked over to a different window to check something out, and that turned out to be a mistake. When I clicked back, MSIE encountered a fatal error and had to close, and wouldn't even let me copy what I had written. I hate when that happens. Luckily it wasn't terribly long, so I'll now attempt to recreate it in its entirety.

Unlike yesterday, I don't have a whole lot to write about today. Nothing seems to be capturing my attention. I do have a couple of things to note, though.

  • This work week already looks like it will be a long one. Our receptionist, who often serves as a liasion between myself and the office manager, is on vacation. Being the purchasing manager, I sometimes field calls from vendors informing me that they can't ship our orders because we're behind in our payments. Normally I relay this information to the receptionist, who waves her magic wand and sends out the payments. Our office manager, however, likes to drag her feet on this sort of thing for some unknown reason, and doesn't care that it's holding up parts we need to fill orders. Then I take heat from the engineering department because our parts aren't arriving on time. I hate passing the buck, but it really isn't my fault.

  • Anyone out there who laughed at me for spending All-Star votes on Wily Mo Peña, I'll accept your apologies now. I at least want it noted that I was on the bandwagon at an early stage. Wily Mo was just named National League Player of the Week, and his hot streak continues. He crushed a home run last night against Milwaukee, and when the ball came off the bat it made a sound that I've never heard before. It was awesome. He's been doing so well that I wouldn't be upset (or surprised) if the Reds traded away Austin Kearns, if they can get anything for an outfielder with a lot of potential but who seems to be injured a lot.

  • On another Reds note, heralded pitching prospect Brandon Claussen is scheduled to start tonight against the Brewers. I'd like to check him out, but I don't think the game is being televised.

    That's really all I have. However, just to make sure everyone feels like they're getting their money's worth for this entry, I offer the following poem which I wrote over four years ago.


    Slender summer showers
        Like lace on skin
    blossom in secret,
    immense whispers
    which build and swell
        and slice into storms
     of thunder and wonder,
     of lightning licking
    like tongues, tendrils searching,
      seeking shelter
        like lovers, laughing
     after standing
     soaked and stranded
    in a summer evening storm.

    © 2000 by Jonathan W. Williams

    I'm sure I had a justification at the time for the weird indentation pattern. If so, I can't remember what it was. Other than that, which seems vaguely extraneous, I like this one pretty well.
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