Monday, August 16, 2004

Business Before Pleasure

While it was a long way from "bad," this was certainly not the most enjoyable weekend I've ever experienced. There was a lot of stuff we "had" to do.

We stayed pretty low-key on Friday because we knew we had to get up early on Saturday morning. We ordered pizza when I got home from work that evening, then hung out and watched TV while we ate. Really, I think that sums up the whole evening. Brandi turned in pretty early, but I stayed up a little longer than she did so I could spend some quality time with my PlayStation. It was a little after midnight when I went to bed, which is damned early for me on a weekend.

Saturday was moving day for the rest of Brandi's stuff which remained at her apartment in Stow. We were borrowing her dad's pickup truck for the task, and he was planning to leave for Lake Erie around 7:00 a.m. They live about 45 minutes from BG, so we had to get up pretty early to get there before he left. We intended to get up at 5:40, but couldn't quite make it out of bed until 6:00. We did get to her parents' house a little after 7:00, but that was fine. We hung out there for a little bit, and got on the road for Stow around 8:00.

Driving an F-150 is fun. I like to drive anyway, but I generally do it in a small car. I've always enjoyed the opportunities I've had to drive something larger, though. You can see so much more when you're that high up. I don't think I would ever own something that big, just because I can't justify the poor fuel economy for as rarely as I actually need a vehicle like that, but when I get a chance to drive one, I'll never turn it down.

At any rate, we arrived at Brandi's place in Stow around 9:30 and immediately set to the task of moving stuff out. It was quite a chore. Not only did we have to move the stuff out, but we also had to arrange it in the bed of the truck so it would fit. Brandi ended up getting rid of quite a bit of stuff--some it was thrown away, but anything salvageable we set out in a FREE pile so that someone could hopefully get some use out of it. A fair amount of that stuff was taken even while we were still moving.

It took us around four hours to get everything moved out and the apartment cleaned. We got on the road back to Bowling Green around 1:45. Brandi drove for a while, but she wasn't very comfortable driving with the truck bed all loaded up, so eventually she pulled over and I drove the rest of the way back. Again, I didn't mind.

We got back to BG just after 3:00 and began the process again, this time in reverse. It didn't take us nearly as long to unload as it did to load. We got everything out of the truck and into our apartment, then took a shower, all in less than two hours. We chilled out there for a little bit--Brandi got a phone call, and I started putting a few things together that we had to take apart in order to move. Then we went out to dinner--the first (and only) time we ate all day, about twelve hours after we woke up.

After dinner we had to drive up to Lake Erie to return the truck to Brandi's dad and get her car back. That was another hour or so spent on the road. We arrived at her parents' boat to find that they had gone out for the evening. He had left Brandi's car key behind, though, so we left his truck key and a note and headed back. We stopped on the way to see Brandi's mom, but she was at work, so we chatted with her stepdad for a little bit before returning to Bowling Green.

We stopped on the way home to get some alcohol, so we had a drink when we got home and got the living room and kitchen situated. That was about all we had energy for, though.

On Sunday I woke up before Brandi, which is fairly rare. I got up around 11:00, and she stayed in bed until 1:00. In between I played PlayStation and watched some TV. After she got up, the fun was over. We took a bunch of laundry to the laundromat and spent a good portion of the day there. At least they had TVs and I was able to watch the Reds game; otherwise, I was mostly in hell. Most of it wasn't so bad--Brandi and I played Scrabble and watched the game--but I absolutely despise folding laundry, and there was a lot of it to fold.

At long last we finished up and were able to head home. Neither one of us felt like working on getting things situated at that point, so we just hung out. After a bit we got together with McComas, and the three of us (plus McComas's kid) went for dinner at McDonald's. From there we ended up back at our place. Brandi entertained the baby while McComas worked on his résumé and I watched baseball. The baby eventually went home after McComas's girlfriend Charissa got home from work, and then McComas finished off his work while Brandi and I watched The Matrix.

So that's the weekend that was. There wasn't a whole lot of fun or relaxation, but it was still pretty good. It was productive, if nothing else. The good thing is that now we're pretty much home free. Weekends for the forseeable future should be a lot more fun. I'm heading to my hometown this weekend--my brother will be there, and I may visit some friends or I may just stick around at home. Brandi is staying behind. I think she's going to have a friend over and then maybe go visit her family. The weekends after that feature football for quite a few weeks in a row, and that will be quite enjoyable. I'm glad we got all this stuff out of the way beforehand.

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