Monday, August 09, 2004

Gearing Up

Another weekend past, another week begun. This was my last lazy, do-nothing weekend for the forseeable future, so I did the best I could to take advantage of it. It probably could have been better, but it was pretty relaxing, and that's the main thing.

Friday was exceptionally low-key. I just played PlayStation football until Brandi got home from work. We eventually made it out to BW3 for drinks and dinner, but we didn't stay out very long at all. We turned on the Reds game when we got home, and Brandi went to bed shortly thereafter. I watched the end of the game and then stayed up to play more football.

Brandi had to work on Saturday afternoon, but I got to sleep in. I rolled out of bed around 1:30, which was very nice. I had a pretty lazy day, surfing the internet, playing video games, reading. I finally finished Song of Susannah by Stephen King, which I've been reading at a leisurely pace since it came out in June. It was pretty good, but it ended in an interesting way. I'm now looking even more forward to The Dark Tower, which comes out in a little over a month. It seems like there are a lot of loose ends to be tied up in this one concluding novel, and I'm dying to know how King will pull it off.

Brandi got off work at 8:00 that night, so I drove up to Toledo and met her when she was done. We went from there to a party being thrown by one of her co-workers. That was a pretty good time. We hung out with a couple of her co-workers and their friends and had some good food, and there was a bonfire and a couple of dogs. Oh, and a limbo contest, which Brandi almost won. What else do you need?

We weren't awake for very long after we got home from the party. I watched some TV while Brandi did some stuff online. Then we put on a movie, and neither one of us stayed awake through very much of it.

Sunday afternoon wasn't much fun, but at least we got to sleep in. It was after noon by the time we got out of bed that day. Brandi went tanning, and I started doing some stuff around the apartment. We're still in process of putting everything away, which mostly needs to be done by this coming weekend so we can move in the rest of Brandi's stuff. I started working on that, and Brandi joined in when she got home. We actually made some decent progress, but I have a feeling that at least some of it is temporary. It definitely serves the purpose of getting stuff out of the way while we move in her stuff, though, and that was the main point. There's still some stuff to be done, but I'll take care of it over the course of the week.

The day got better after that. We went to the grocery for a few things, then came back and watched the end of the Reds game on TV while we made dinner and then ate. Then we napped for a couple of hours--I think we woke up around 10:00. We just hung out after that, watching American Wedding on DVD and eating popcorn. That's pretty much how the weekend ended.

So, it wasn't particularly exciting, but it was nice and relaxing, and that's what I was looking for. As I've mentioned before, the coming weekends will have plenty going on, so it was good to get a chance to mostly just sit around the house in advance of all that stuff. Next weekend will be a working weekend, as we take one last trip to Stow to clean out Brandi's old apartment and move the rest of her stuff back to Bowling Green.

There was plenty of moving going on in BG this weekend. The university's summer session ended this past week, and graduation ceremonies and students moving into and out of apartments brought a flurry of activity to the town. Already a lot of people are coming into town for the upcoming fall semester. I noticed as I was out and about this weekend that a lot of parking lots are already starting to fill up, even though classes don't resume until August 23. I like it, though. The main attraction in living in a college town, for me, is the bustle of activity that is somewhat lessened when the main student body is out of town.

Tonight, of course, is the opening of football's preseason. It kicks off with Monday Night Football, the preseason Hall of Fame game between the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins. Despite the fact that it's a meaningless preseason game and rookies and backups will get the majority of the playing time, I'm excited for the game. I love football. You may have noticed. Get used to hearing about it--as the season gets closer and then progresses, I'll likely be talking about it a lot.

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