Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I Realized Later I Had Failed to Title This Entry

Someday soon, I've got a pretty meaty post to write about my own personal politics and the current Presidential campaign. That one is still brewing up in my mind. In the meantime, I offer yet another selection of assorted thoughts and notes.

  • Our company president has been missing in action so far this week. This matters mostly because our staff has been cut and reallocated so that he's essentially our only salesman, at least for capital equipment. Our head engineer has been dealing with sales calls in his absence, and that has actually probably worked out better. The only problem with this is that our head engineer is leaving at noon and won't be back for two days. Of course, our sales haven't been so hot lately anyway, but we have had a lot of inquiries. Should anyone want to turn an inquiry into an order over the course of the next two days, I think they're going to be out of luck. This seems like a fine way to run a business.

  • Today I'm finally going to get around to putting the electricity for our new apartment into my name. Somehow, in all the rush of actually getting everything moved, I've skipped this little detail. The electricity is still on, but I think it's currently being billed to the landlord. That probably shouldn't continue any longer than is absolutely necessary. On the flip side of that, a new tenant moved into my old place yesterday, and his electrical usage is currently being billed to me. So I guess it works out.

  • One thing that wasn't so bad about my tire experience yesterday is that the time I spent waiting to get the tire fixed was time I was able to spend reading The Winds of War. I started reading it on July 15 and I'm just now about 1/3 of the way through it. I read quickly, but I'm only reading this one on my lunch break or whenever I find myself stuck somewhere with some time to kill. It is a superb piece of historical fiction. I'm in awe of it, actually. I've always been fascinated by World War II anyway, and Wouk has really crafted an interesting work by spinning a tale set in that period and really integrating historical fact into the story. It'll be a while before I'm finished with it, but I'm sure I'll dive immediately into the follow-up novel War and Remembrance.

  • I'm also still working on Song of Susannah, which I started even earlier than I did the Wouk novel. I said at the time that I planned to take my time with it, and apparently I was serious about it. I haven't had much time to read that one lately due to moving anyway, but I'll probably dive back into it pretty soon now that things are settling back down. I'm fairly close to the end. The next and final book in the Dark Tower series comes out on September 21, and I'll definitely be ready by then.

  • I know I said yesterday I would post some pictures from the Kerry/Edwards rally, and I haven't done that. As it turns out, I was so far away that Mr. Kerry is just a blue blur in the photos I took. I was hoping they would come out better, but unfortunately my camera doesn't have an optical zoom, and its digital zoom is nearly worthless. This is one event I definitely would love to have had a better camera for. At any rate, I may post some photos later anyway, just to show how packed downtown Bowling Green was on Sunday. It was utterly unbelievable.

  • Speaking of photos, I'd really like to take an afternoon to walk around the BGSU campus to take some shots to post on here. I'm sure I'll spend my share of time by the athletic facilities (Anderson Arena and Doyt Perry Stadium, at least), but there are some other spots on campus that I really like as well. Maybe I'll put that on my agenda for this weekend, if the weather cooperates.

  • I heard a radio commercial this morning featuring spokeswoman Pam Dawber. Wow, really? Pam Dawber? I had totally forgotten she ever existed, and I'm probably not the only one. She seems like an odd choice for current advertising, to say the least. I was so stunned to hear her name, I couldn't even tell you what she was trying to sell me.
  • The Reds are on TV late this evening (they're playing in San Francisco), and as dreadful as they've been lately, I'm sure I'll probably watch. They have to come out of their slide at some point, right? Ken Griffey Jr. is supposed to be back from injury perhaps as soon as tonight, so that will help.

  • Another item I want to catch on television this evening is President Clinton's appearance on Letterman. That'll overlap some with the baseball game, but that's fine. I really enjoy hearing Clinton speak, and I also like Letterman a lot. Having both of them together should be great. I read something yesterday that said Mr. Clinton has been asked to host Saturday Night Live at some point. I hope he does it.

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