Monday, August 02, 2004

More Car Woes

So, guess who ended up with a flat tire today. Go ahead, guess. I'll wait.

Okay, time's up. If you guessed ME, give yourself a cookie. A co-worker came in from the parking lot this afternoon and informed me that my front driver's side tire was flat. I went out there and, indeed, it was flat. Another co-worker graciously assisted me in getting the spare installed.

Upon inspection, the reason for the flat was found to be a nail stuck in the tread. Irritating, but at least it's something fixable. Had it been jammed into the sidewall, I think I would have gone ballistic. I probably picked up the nail on my lunch break, and the tire slowly deflated over the course of the afternoon.

The story does have a mostly happy ending. After work I drove over to the local Tireman service center to get the tire patched and to have my tires rotated. Since I purchased my tires there, this service was free. That was a nice touch. Along with Midas, I now have a couple of places I don't mind taking my car for service or recommending to others.

There was one more item of irritation in store for me, however. For a long time, I've had a problem with the button inside my driver's door that tells the car that the door is closed and turns off the dome light. I've worked around this problem by taping nickels to the inside of the door to sufficiently press the button, and I never think to have it taken care of because it solves the problem so well. However, while they were working on the tires, those nickels must have fallen off (it happens from time to time), and for whatever reason I didn't have any tape in the car to fix it again. I managed to find enough adhesive substance in the car to work a solution long enough for me to get home. I'll have to go down shortly and do a better job on it, and somehow I need to remember to have it looked at next time I have the car in for service.

Unfortunately, with the way my luck has been running lately, that probably won't be very long.

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