Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Shown the Error of My Ways

I've changed my mind. I won't be voting for John Kerry in November after all.

As I headed to my car on my lunch break earlier this afternoon, I discovered that someone had kindly tried to demonstrate the error of my opinion by ripping off the John Kerry sticker I had placed on my back bumper. When I saw the tattered remnants of the sticker clinging desperately to my car, I instantly realized that the world would be a better place if George W. Bush were to be re-elected this fall. The chips in my paint were a nice touch as well. I appreciate the thoughtfulness.


Trust me, I'll still be voting for Kerry this fall. I doubt there are many things that could change my mind at this point, and some moron ripping a bumper sticker off my car certainly isn't on the list. Actually, I happened to have an extra Kerry sticker, so it's already been replaced. I'm going to try to get more, just in case this happens again. I certainly hope that this was a one-time thing, and that whoever was responsible isn't going to be persistent about removing my stickers, but I plan to be prepared.

Seriously, what is the thought process when someone decides to do something like this? Disagreeing with my opinion is fine, but leave my car alone. I just wonder if they really thought this would change my decision. If that was their intent, they failed miserably. All they managed to do was irritate me, and frankly I'm already irritated enough by this election.

I'm hoping this didn't just happen today, because that would mean that it was done by someone who works here. I would hate to think that any of my co-workers would do something this childish, even though there are some of them I wouldn't put it past. More likely it happened last night, though--the way my car was parked, I wouldn't have noticed if it was like that this morning. From now on, I'll be keeping an eye on it.

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