Sunday, September 12, 2004

BGSU 49 SE Missouri State 10

Game Story

The most impressive thing about this game was probably the attendance. Getting 23,088 people out to the stadium for a sure win over a Division I-AA team is no small feat for a team with a history of attendance problems. I think BGSU is developing more of a football culture, and that's great to see. As someone who spent some long, cold, lonely afternoons in a mostly empty stadium watching the Falcons get drilled during the last years of Coach Blackney's tenure, it's nice to finally have some company. It's even nicer to see the Falcons putting points on the board and compiling a bunch of wins.

I was really looking forward to this game to see Omar Jacobs start at quarterback for the first time at home. In the limited amount I've seen him play I've been hyping him as a future superstar, and last week's loss at Oklahoma only confirmed that opinion. He played well last night, leading Bowling Green to an easy victory against an overmatched team. He's still got room to grow, and it's going to be fun watching it happen.

Bowling Green's defense looks like it still needs some work, especially on the pass rush. I think they only got one quarterback sack last night, and none the week before against Oklahoma. That's an obvious concern. The important part, though, is just keeping points off the board. They were pretty successful in that area last night. They bent some, but they didn't break when their backs were against the wall.

The next home game is more than a month from now, on October 16 against the Ball State Cardinals. The next game overall is on September 24 (yes, a Friday) at Northern Illinois. That game is on ESPN, but I'll be at a high school game that night. Will I have a DVR by then? Let's consult the Magic 8 Ball:

"Outlook Good"

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