Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Finally, Some Good News for the Reds

Reds keep Miley, release Larson

Dave Miley is a good manager. He hasn't had much to work with this year, due to a thin pitching staff and injuries to some key players. Keeping the coaching staff intact can mean good things for the Reds, provided they fill some holes in the roster. They kept this team in the race longer than anyone expected they would, and it's not their fault things have fallen apart. I look forward to seeing what they can do with a healthy team.

As for Larson, I wish it would have worked out for him. I know he's tried hard, but he just hasn't panned out as an everyday player at the Major League level. He tears up the minor leagues, but can't translate that success when he's in the bigs. The Reds have given him every opportunity to prove himself, and it hasn't happened. It's best that he's gone. Now the Reds can concentrate on finding an everyday third baseman for next year. It's too bad they didn't sign Aaron Boone when they had the chance. Unless they bring someone in via free agency or a trade, I think Ryan Freel is the best option at third--they need his bat in the lineup, so he has to play somewhere, and he's decent defensively over there. Minor-league prospect Edwin Encarnacion will also get a chance to win the job next spring, but he may not be ready just yet.

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