Friday, September 17, 2004

Fun With Electronics (And Other Weekend Notes)

Football Friday, and it's good to be alive (even though I'm at work right now). It's in the low 60s out there, overcast and a little breezy, and this is how it should feel for high school football. I could go just a little bit chillier, actually--if the leaves were changing colors and starting to come down, that would be absolutely perfect. There are still six games left after tonight, though, so there's plenty of time for that to happen. I'm hoping tonight to see my first opening kickoff of the season. So far, traffic problems on I-75 have caused me to miss the beginning of each game. I've got a better shot tonight, since the game is at Sidney, which is a little closer to Toledo than anywhere else we play this year.

* No game for the BGSU Falcons this weekend, and that's good. With the tragedy the team suffered on Wednesday, there's no way they could be expected to play this soon. Hopefully the off week will let them start to heal and get their minds back on football.

* I bought The Sims 2 on Wednesday, which is the first day it was in stores anywhere around here. I haven't played it yet, but it looks awesome. Brandi has certainly been enjoying it. She even quit watching Most Extreme Elimination Challenge with me last night in order to play it, which is pretty significant. We love that show.

* Speaking of TV, I've talked frequently about digital cable and a DVR, and I decided this week to take the plunge. Brandi had yesterday morning off, so I asked if she could call Time Warner Cable to set up an appointment for them to come out and set it up. I was quite surprised when she called me to say that we didn't need an appointment, that she just had to go pick up the DVR and we could set it up ourselves. This caused me to say nice things about Time Warner Cable. I was pretty excited to get home and set it up. I got everything hooked up and programmed the remote control, only to realize that they had given us a regular digital cable converter, and not a DVR. This made me very sad. Luckily, Brandi also had this morning off, so she's trying to rectify the situation.

UPDATE: I've talked to Brandi since I originally wrote this. She went to the Time Warner Cable office and successfully exchanged the cable box for a DVR. However, as we were on the phone and I was talking her through the hookup process, she became aware that they had forgotten to give her a power cord. That meant she had to go back yet again. Any comments I've made recently that alleged any sort of competence on the part of Time Warner Cable, I take them back. However, we do now have digital cable and a DVR, and I can't wait to play with it.

* I'm having a hard time functioning today without my watch. I'm going without it for a day or two because it seems to have given me a rash on my wrist. It already looks better today than it did yesterday, so I'm hoping I'll be able to put it back on maybe tomorrow. I also think it might be a decent idea to get a different band for said watch.

* This is the last weekend I'll ever have to spend without having the Star Wars original trilogy on DVD, as it's being released on Tuesday. Also being released that day is an intriguing SW video game called Battlefront, in which you replay battles from the movies. I saw a commercial for it last night, and it looks pretty cool. I won't be buying it on its release day, as I don't know how much I would play it given my addiction to sports games, but I may rent it at some point to check it out.

* My NFL picks for the week, if anyone cares (home team in CAPS):

KANSAS CITY over Carolina
Indianapolis over TENNESSEE
NEW ORLEANS over San Francisco
Washington over NY GIANTS
OAKLAND over Buffalo
New England over ARIZONA
GREEN BAY over Chicago
DETROIT over Houston
BALTIMORE over Pittsburgh
ATLANTA over St. Louis
TAMPA BAY over Seattle
DALLAS over Cleveland
New York Jets over SAN DIEGO
PHILADELPHIA over Minnesota (Monday Night Football)

I went 10-5 last week, not picking the Indy-New England game because it was too early in the week. I would have picked the Patriots, though (no, really, I would have), so I'll credit myself with 11-5. I'm normally not that good, so I hope this starts a trend. Not that it matters, as I don't have any money riding on it or anything. I just like to feel like I know what I'm talking about.

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