Thursday, September 02, 2004

Scared Straight

Sometimes troubled youths are taken on a tour of a jail facility in order to show them what's in their future if they don't straighten up. The theory is that this program will make them afraid of the consequences in hopes that will succeed where nothing else has. I think something similar happened to my car.

Yes indeed, the people in the service department once again couldn't get my car to stall. I thought for sure it would do it today. It hasn't done it since Saturday night, and my gas tank was almost empty. It seemed like conditions were ripe. No dice, though. They had it for two days, a total of twenty hours, and did nothing to it other than drive it a few times.

Nonetheless, my car now seems fine. I figured that with my luck it would stall at the first traffic light after I drove it off the lot, but it didn't. I have a hard time believing that the problem is over with for good, but there's really nothing I can do about it until and unless it acts up again. If it doesn't, much the better.

There are two real items of good news out of this. The first is that I'll have my car at my disposal tomorrow, so I don't have to take my lunch to work tomorrow and I can actually go eat at Wendy's (yes!). The second is that I can finally stop writing about my car for a while and get back to some real topics. Trust me, I'm as happy about that as you are.

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