Friday, October 22, 2004

Football Picks, NFL Week 7 (and Other Sports Notes)

Last week I'm afraid Brandi took the picks contest, going 18-7 (10-4 NFL, 8-3 NCAA) to my 16-9 (10-4 NFL, 6-5 NCAA). In an effort to redeem myself, here are my fearless picks for this week, starting with the NFL:

(4-2) ST. LOUIS @ Miami (0-6)
(2-4) Tennessee @ MINNESOTA (4-1)
(3-2) Detroit @ NY GIANTS (4-1)
(1-4) Chicago @ TAMPA BAY (1-5)
(3-3) SAN DIEGO @ Carolina (1-4)
(1-4) Buffalo @ BALTIMORE (3-2)
(5-0) PHILADELPHIA @ Cleveland (3-3)
(4-2) Jacksonville @ INDIANAPOLIS (4-1)
(5-1) ATLANTA @ Kansas City
(5-0) NY Jets @ NEW ENGLAND (5-0)
(3-2) SEATTLE @ Arizona (1-4)
(2-3) Dallas @ GREEN BAY (2-4)
(2-4) New Orleans @ OAKLAND (2-4)
(5-1) DENVER @ Cincinnati (1-4)

This will be the Bengals' first appearance on Monday Night Football in a really long time, so I hope they don't get beaten too badly. It's in Cincy, so hopefully the raucous home crowd can pump some life into them. Now onto the college games, starting with the Big Ten.

(3-3) Northwestern @ WISCONSIN (7-0)
(4-2) Iowa @ PENN STATE (2-4)
(2-4) Indiana @ OHIO STATE (3-3)
(2-5) Illinois @ MINNESOTA (5-2)
(6-1) Michigan @ PURDUE (5-1)

I'd like to see Indiana take out Ohio State, and this is the year it could happen. I wouldn't be all that surprised if the Hoosiers pull that one off, but I just can't pick it that way, not when it's OSU's Homecoming date. Now for the MAC:

(4-2) BOWLING GREEN @ Ohio (3-4)
(5-2) NORTHERN ILLINOIS @ Western Michigan (1-5)
(1-6) Buffalo @ MARSHALL (3-3)
(1-6) Ball State @ AKRON (3-4)
(0-6) Central Florida @ MIAMI (4-3)
(2-4) Central Michigan @ TOLEDO (5-2)

Eastern Michigan doesn't play this weekend, but it's time for the other two directional Michigan schools to rise up and make a statement. If Western and Central can take out NIU and Toledo, respectively, that would significantly enhance Bowling Green's chances of winning a second consecutive MAC West Division championship. At this point, BG needs some help--even if we win out, we need NIU to lose twice since they beat us earlier this season.

Tonight is Week 9 of the high school football season, meaning there's just one game left after tonight for those teams that don't make it into the playoffs. The season has gone by so quickly, as it always does. It makes me sad to think it'll soon be over. There's still a chance for Troy to qualify for the playoffs, but it's a fairly long shot. I'll keep hoping for the best, but even if they do make it I don't know if I'll be able to go see them. Any playoff games would be played on Saturdays, thus conflicting with BGSU games, and I'm honestly not sure which team I would choose to go see. At this point, I just hope I have to make that decision.

With St. Louis defeating Houston last night in Game 7 of the National League Championship Series, the World Series matchup is now set. The Series begins on Saturday with St. Louis playing the Red Sox in Boston. I don't like the Red Sox, but I'd like to see them win just so we can stop hearing about the damned Curse of the Bambino all the time. On the other hand, I'd almost rather see the Cardinals win just because I actually like them. I'm not sure which team I'll be cheering for, but I do think it'll be a good series.

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