Monday, October 25, 2004

The Weekend

I had a typical fall weekend. It was pretty low-key, but good. Very relaxing, for the most part.

I left work an hour early on Friday. Troy's football game that night was in Kettering, a southern suburb of Dayton, so I needed the extra time in order to get there before kickoff. Unlike the last time I left early (for the Centerville game), this time traffic presented no major problems and we managed to make it in time. I had to stop at our apartment in Bowling Green to pick up Brandi, and Amy and Doug met us at my parents' house in Troy, bearing Chicken McNuggets.

The only problem we had in getting to the game in time was finding a parking spot, and even that wasn't too difficult. We found ourselves a seat just before kickoff and had a good time watching the game. Afterwards, we all went back to my parents' house. Amy and Doug stuck around to watch the highlights on the news, and then they left. Brandi fell asleep on the couch, and I hung out and talked to my mom for a while.

We did have to drive back to Bowling Green that night, because Brandi had to teach a class at noon on Saturday. It was close to 1:00 a.m. when we left, and around 2:30 by the time we got back to our apartment. Brandi slept in the car the whole way, while I kept myself amused with the radio and with candy. She went immediately to bed once we got inside, and I stayed up for just a little bit longer before joining her.

Brandi got up on Saturday and left to teach her class. I dedicated most of the day to college football once I got out of bed. I watched parts of several games on television, and I listened to the BGSU-Ohio game on the radio. Brandi joined me for a while after she got home from work, but eventually she succumbed to the lure of a nap.

After she awakened for the evening, we went to BW3 for dinner. We played QB1 while we ate, which is an interactive game where you try to guess what offensive play will happen next in a certain football game. That was pretty fun. We were going to stick around after dinner to have a couple of drinks, but the bar area was packed. Since there were no seats, we went elsewhere. We ended up at Downtown, which was almost totally empty. We got a seat at the bar where we could watch the World Series and play some video trivia, and we had a few drinks. We didn't stay out very late because Brandi had to work early Sunday morning, but it was fun to get out for a little bit.

Brandi left for work early on Sunday morning, while I stayed in bed into the afternoon. Then I watched football. Brandi came home and went in to play on the computer, and eventually I went into the bedroom for a nap. Brandi eventually joined me, and we slept into the evening. A trip to the grocery store awaited us when we woke up.

When we got back from the grocery we went for a walk through campus and the town of Bowling Green. It was a nice night for a walk. Then we had to do some laundry, which meant an epic search for quarters, which is always an adventure. Eventually, though, the laundry got done. Brandi then retired for the evening. I stayed up a little longer to read, but that was pretty much the end of the weekend.

Work aside, this week should be a good one. Being the week leading up to Halloween, I'll probably try to get in a couple of horror movies. The World Series will also be on TV, which is something I always enjoy. On Thursday I'm going to a fiction reading on campus, and this weekend, aside from Troy and BGSU football, Brandi and I will be hitting the town in Halloween costumes. Sounds like fun to me.

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