Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Everything and Nothing

I have surprisingly little on my mind today. I'm not sure I even have enough to fill out a post of random notes, but I'll give it the old college try.

  • I'm happy to report that I applied this week for a proofreading job, but I don't know where. I'm normally extremely leery of responding to newspaper ads in which the potential employer declines to be identified, but in this case I felt it was worth taking a chance. It's been a long time since I've seen an ad for a job in my field, so I can't really be picky. My current gig is killing me a little bit each day. Getting back into editing would be awesome. Of course, with my luck it'll turn out to be a part-time third-shift position with a militant religious group and paying only $6.00 an hour. I guess I'll find all that out in the interview, should I get one.

  • Drivers in Toledo are becoming even more moronic as temperatures outside get lower. Come on, people, the cold air itself does not necessitate driving well under the speed limit and clogging the passing lanes. Once there is actual ice on the roads we can talk. Until then, just assume that normal laws apply. DRIVE ON THE RIGHT!!!

  • A couple of co-workers today were having a conversation about people they know who have been attacked by animals while hunting. They seemed to have some sort of indignation over this, as though the animals should know better than to dare attack a hunter. What is that? When a person enters an animal's habitat, that person is just as much fair game as the animal is. They're going to protect themselves (or their young) and it's just lunacy or arrogance to think otherwise. I continue to be struck by the self-centered view that so many people seem to hold.

  • Last week I took advantage of my parents' AOL membership to watch the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith before it was released to the general public. Wow. This one looks to be very intense. I've watched the trailer again several times since then, and it's going to be hard to wait until May to see the movie. The trailer is now available to everyone at the official site.

  • A friend this morning sent me a link to an article about current Utah and former Bowling Green head football coach Urban Meyer. It contains this quote about how attendance issues played into his decision to leave Bowling Green:

    "It's the most successful senior class at Bowling Green, and I'm looking at the (players') faces and there are 5,000 people there. You can't build on that."

    Attendance at Bowling Green football games is an enigma, but I would think a coach that took over a struggling program (as BG was when Coach Meyer took over) would realize that it takes time to build up attendance. That game took place in horrible weather against a terrible opponent, and while our crowds are always up and down, that one game was not characteristic of the season overall. Personally, I think Meyer could have continued to build on that, and I wish he would have stayed. Still, BG is doing fine without him, and Coach Brandon is continuing to build on what Meyer started.

  • Of course, the problems BG has with attendance are nothing to what Ohio State's football program might be facing. There are new allegations there of improprieties by Coach Tressel and the athletic program. I have doubts about how much of it is true, but it'll definitely be interesting to keep an eye on this as a developing story.
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