Monday, November 01, 2004

Fall Back

I'd just like to say that I really hate time changes. I don't quite understand why it's necessary, as it really serves no purpose other than to screw up everyone's time sense for a few days each time until we get used to it. Now there's even less daylight in the afternoons when some of us can actually use it. Wonderful.

The one benefit to the time change is that it added an hour to this past weekend. Of course, that hour was lost from a weekend in the spring of this year, but we'll overlook that until next spring, when we get to do it all over again.

I got out of work a few minutes early on Friday, which was nice. President Bush was in Toledo (again), and traffic tie-ups were starting around 5:00. Since I left at 4:50, I managed to miss all of that. I drove down to Troy knowing that this might be my last chance to see the Trojan football team play this year, since they needed a win and some help in order to get into the playoffs. I got to the stadium shortly before 7:00 and met up with Amy and Doug (only Doug was there at first; Amy arrived shortly thereafter), and had a great time at the game. Being senior night, Amy and I talked a lot about our own senior class, since our ten-year reunion is coming up next year. That was fun, and brought back some good memories.

After the game I stopped in at my parents' house for a little bit. I was there for about an hour, in which time I ate some fried chicken and got to hang out with my dog. I also got to talk to Mom and Dad for a little bit, which was nice. Mom also handed over the remnants of their Halloween candy. From there I headed to Amy and Doug's house, where we watched the local football highlights, and then I was on the road back to Bowling Green. When I got there, I learned that Troy had most likely made it into the playoffs.

I stayed in bed until noon on Saturday. Brandi had to teach a class, so she was gone by that time. I turned on the Penn State-Ohio State game and watched that until Brandi got home. Then we went out for lunch and to run some errands. When we got back, it was time to get ready to head over to Doyt Perry Stadium for the Eastern Michigan-Bowling Green game. BG won rather handily, and it was a good time.

When we got back from the game, we put on our costumes and headed out to the bars. I dressed up as Han Solo and Brandi was Princess Leia (I have some photos I'll post later). We went to BW3 to get some food, and then we went to Downtown. We didn't stay out terribly late (despite the fact that the bars stayed open an extra hour due to the time change) since Brandi had to work on Sunday, but it was fun to go out even for a little bit. We had a few drinks and saw some interesting costumes.

Most likely due to the time change, Brandi and I woke up much earlier on Sunday than we normally would. I'm pretty sure it was before 10:00, which is unheard of, for me if not for her. We just lounged around for most of the morning, then had lunch before she had to get ready and go to work. After she left I turned on the Bengals-Titans game and then promptly fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up shortly after halftime and went down to McComas's place to watch the rest of the game. Then I went to the store to get some pop and snacks, and McComas and his brother Matt (and the baby) came over to my place to watch the Pats-Steelers game. They're both big Steelers fans, and I like them fairly well myself (despite my allegiance to the Bengals--my progression as an NFL fan has been a long and winding road), so that was a good time.

Brandi got home from work shortly after the McComases left. We just hung out on the couch for a while, watching some of the 49ers-Bears game on TV and being goofy. Eventually she went to bed and I did a load of laundry and read for a while before turning in myself.

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