Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Football Picks, NFL Week 12

We have to do this early this week, due to the shortened week and the fact that there are NFL games to be played tomorrow. I love football on Thanksgiving. It doesn't even matter that the games won't be particularly good. It's just fun to watch.

Brandi and I tied in our competition for last week, both of us going 21-7. I was 12-4 in the NFL and 9-3 in college, and Brandi was 13-3 in the NFL and 8-4 in college. I was right on four of the eight upsets I called (through NFL and college), so I was pretty happy about that. Here are my picks for this week:

(7-3) Indianapolis @ Detroit (4-6)
(4-6) Chicago @ Dallas (3-7)
(3-7) Washington @ Pittsburgh (9-1)
(4-6) Tampa Bay @ Carolina (3-7)
(4-6) Tennessee @ Houston (4-6)
(3-7) Cleveland @ Cincinnati (4-6)
(7-3) San Diego @ Kansas City (3-7)
(6-4) Jacksonville @ Minnesota (6-4)
(9-1) Philadelphia @ NY Giants (5-5)
(4-6) New Orleans @ Atlanta (8-2)
(7-3) NY Jets @ Arizona (4-6)
(7-3) Baltimore @ New England (9-1)
(1-9) Miami @ San Francisco (1-9)
(4-6) Buffalo @ Seattle (6-4)
(3-7) Oakland @ Denver (7-3)
(5-5) St. Louis @ Green Bay (6-4)

The college football regular season is largely finished. In fact, there's only one game this week in our normal sphere of interest. Northwestern has to win at Hawai'i in order to become bowl eligible. I generally like Northwestern, whose head coach is from my hometown (Troy), but the fewer eligible teams there are, the better the chances are for Bowling Green to be awarded a bowl bid. Therefore, I not only think Northwestern will lose, but I'll be hoping they lose as well.

(6-5) Northwestern @ Hawai'i (5-5)

Next week we'll probably include all the conference championship games (MAC, SEC, Big XII) in our predictions.

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