Thursday, November 18, 2004

Let's Get It Started

BG bigger, tougher . . . better?

There's been a drastic change in what I wrote yesterday. I'm now ready for college hoops.

It started, actually, as I was writing that very post. Just thinking about college basketball, about being in Anderson Arena with a loud and raucous crowd, made me start to feel it again. Then last night I came across a Preseason NIT game between Colorado and Michigan, and I watched it and got into it. This article sealed the deal.

I'm so stoked for Falcon basketball. I won't get to see them play until next Wednesday, unless they happen to be somewhere on my television dial on Saturday, but I'll probably try to listen to that game on the radio. Sight unseen, here's my best guess at how the starting lineup will look.

C Josh Almanson (6-8 Sr)
PF Cory Eyink (6-8 Sr.)
SF John Reimold (6-6 Sr.)
SG Steven Wright (6-3 Jr.)
PG John Floyd (6-2 So.)

I think the first guy off the bench will be Germain Fitch (6-4 Jr.), who should be totally recovered from a series of knee surgeries that have caused him to miss most of the past two seasons. He's a great all-around player who can provide valuable minutes at the 2 and 3 spots, and he can even play the point if he's needed there. I think Floyd will start the season as the starting point guard, but I think Perrick Robinson's (5-9 Fr.) minutes will increase as the season goes on and he'll eventually take over the starting spot. Wright may also see some time there, as he was the starting point guard last season. Austin Montgomery (6-4 So.) will be another key reserve at the off guard spot. He showed flashes of great promise last season as a freshman, but also had trouble at times holding onto the ball.

In the frontcourt, Reimold will definitely be the starter at small forward, and he'll provide a good deal of BG's scoring punch as well as strong leadership. He'll be spelled by Fitch and JUCO transfer Mawel Soler (6-5 Jr.). I haven't seen Soler play yet, but he's said to be a tenacious defender and rebounder. That sounds like Coach Dakich's kind of guy, so he'll definitely see some minutes. I penciled in Almanson to start at center, but he may in fact start at power forward with Matt Lefeld (6-11 So.) playing center. Lefeld is a good post defender, and the weight he added in the offseason will really allow him to bang down low. Hopefully he has learned to stay out of foul trouble as well. Freshman Scott Vandermeer (6-11) will likely also see some time at center. If Almanson starts at power forward, Eyink will then come off the bench at that position. It's also possible that Soler and even Fitch may spend some time in this position if necessary.

I'm really optimistic about this season, and I can't wait to see these guys play. Typically, Coach Dakich's best teams have had great senior leadership, and I think we'll have that this year. Reimold is tough and gritty, and if he rubs off on the rest of the team, that can only mean good things. I think he'll be the vocal leader. Almanson and Eyink are the other seniors, and I think they'll lead mostly by example. Both are hard workers, guys that hustle, play smart, and do the little things. I think the end result, in terms of wins and losses, will come down to how quickly the new guys can come along and contribute. I'm encouraged by what I've heard so far, and I'll be able to finally see for myself next Wednesday. That day can't come soon enough for me.

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