Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Positives and Negatives

Tomorrow at this time, I'll be finishing out my very last day as an employee of this particular company. With that in mind, here are some things I want to note before I leave.

Some things I'll miss about the job I'm leaving:

* Some of my co-workers
* Some vendor representatives that I work with on a regular basis
* Occasionally being presented with cool gifts (restaurant gift certificates, hockey tickets, etc.)
* Nearly unlimited Internet time
* Access to magazines like Popular Science, Sports Illustrated, Maximum PC, and Travel and Leisure
* A one-hour lunch break
* The relatively lax attendance policy
* The large window in my office
* Watching National Guard jets practice

Some things I most assuredly will not miss about the job I'm leaving:

* Dealing with salespeople
* Having a phone on my desk in general
* One co-worker who randomly wanders around the office for no apparent reason
* One co-worker who shouts at her kids over the phone each afternoon
* The same co-worker who uses the non-word "boughten" as the perfect form of the verb "to buy" (it should, in fact, be "bought")
* Various co-workers complaining about financial problems brought on by their own stupidity
* Starting at 8:00 a.m.
* Being five miles away from civilization when I choose to go out for lunch
* My unfriendly boss, who has spoken to me probably fewer than ten times the whole time I've worked here, and only once in a friendly way (and that was the day I put in my notice)

Some things I'm looking forward to about the job I'm starting:

* A change of scenery
* Wearing casual clothes (jeans, tennis shoes) to work
* Being able to listen to music while I work
* Shaving at least a few miles off my daily commute
* The purported "family atmosphere" of the office
* Being close to many options if I choose go leave the office for lunch
* Starting at 9:00 a.m.
* Occasional bonuses (I hope)
* Opportunities for raises and advancement
* Most of all, getting a chance to once again work with words and practice my passion for editing

I reserve the right to add to these lists over the course of the next few days, up until I actually start my new job.

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