Thursday, December 16, 2004

Football Picks, NFL Week 15

With college football mostly out of the way, the NFL has spread itself out to include three games on Saturday this week. I think that's awesome, as it offers me a chance to see more games. McComas is a big Steelers fan, so I'll probably have him over for their game in the afternoon, and in the evening I'm looking forward to a chance to watch Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons play.

Here are this week's NFL picks:

(12-1) Pittsburgh @ NY Giants (5-8) - Saturday
(4-9) Washington @ San Francisco (2-11) - Saturday
(6-7) Carolina @ Atlanta (10-3) - Saturday
(5-8) Houston @ Chicago (5-8)
(7-6) Buffalo @ Cincinnati (6-7)
(10-3) San Diego @ Cleveland (3-10)
(7-6) Minnesota @ Detroit (5-8)
(7-6) Seattle @ NY Jets (9-4)
(5-8) Dallas @ Philadelphia (12-1)
(8-5) Denver @ Kansas City (5-8)
(5-8) New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (5-8)
(6-7) St. Louis @ Arizona (4-9)
(7-6) Jacksonville @ Green Bay (8-5)
(4-9) Tennessee @ Oakland (4-9)
(8-5) Baltimore @ Indianapolis (10-3)
(12-1) New England @ Miami (2-11)

Speaking of college football, the bowl season really starts to get into full swing this week. I love the bowls, and I will watch as many of them as possible. Of course, I'll be glued to the television on Wednesday night for Bowling Green's matchup with Memphis in the GMAC Bowl. I think that will be a great game. Here are this week's bowl games:

(6-5) Georgia Tech vs. Syracuse (6-5) - Champs Sports Bowl
(8-3) Bowling Green vs. Memphis (8-3) - GMAC Bowl
(6-5) Marshall @ Cincinnati (6-5) - Fort Worth Bowl
(6-5) Wyoming @ UCLA (6-5) - Las Vegas Bowl

As a sidenote, the fact that Marshall got a bowl game over Akron is nothing less than a travesty, and a sign of what is wrong with college football. Akron is the only bowl-eligible team to not be awarded a bowl game (except, of course, for South Carolina and Clemson), and they beat Marshall on the field during the regular season. It would have been nice for them to be rewarded and for Marshall to sit out following their final season in the MAC.

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