Thursday, December 02, 2004

Just a Few Things

  • So baseball player Jason Giambi has admitted taking steroids. I am utterly shocked by this admission. I never saw it coming. Oh,, I'm not surprised at all. Moreover, I'm sure it's just the tip of the iceberg. Barry Bonds, anyone? About a thousand people have admitted getting steroids from Bonds's trainer. That doesn't necessarily mean that Bonds was doing them himself, but come on. It's not exactly a huge leap from "Barry Bonds's trainer distributes steroids" to "Barry Bonds used to be pretty skinny and now he's really huge."

    I just want to go on record as saying that these players who admit being on steroids should not be allowed to play baseball ever again. Do you seriously want to tell me that using steroids is somehow less damaging to the game than gambling? Being a lifelong Reds fan, I can't help but compare any baseball scandals to Pete Rose. If he's out of baseball for life, these guys should be too. You can argue that Rose's gambling may have had an impact on games, but there's no way to argue that players using steroids does not have an impact on games.

  • I felt like an alcoholic earlier this evening. Brandi had to go to a meeting of BG aerobic instructors, which was held in a bar. We went out to dinner beforehand, so I tagged along to the meeting. All the ladies went to the back of the bar and sat around a table; I sat at the bar and drank alone (and you know when I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself).

  • I think Brandi and I are going to put up our Christmas tree on Sunday after we get back into town. We thought about doing it tonight, but we got home too late and didn't feel like it. I have a feeling I'll be writing a missive about Christmas sometime in the near future.

  • Come on, Urban. Just tell everyone you're leaving Utah and get it over with. You're not fooling anyone.
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