Monday, December 20, 2004

'Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

If I were feeling more ambitious, I'd think about writing this post in poem form. When I thought about it, though, I got hung up right away, trying to think of something that rhymes with "apartment building."

It's a good thing I got plenty of sleep on Friday and Saturday nights, because I surely didn't sleep long enough last night. I was up doing laundry, which was complicated by the fact that one of the few remaining denizens of this building was taking up all of the washing machines and then all of the dryers, but didn't empty the machines in a timely fashion. That drives me crazy.

At any rate, it was a relaxing weekend up to that point. Brandi got home shortly after I did on Friday, and we went to the BGSU bookstore to get a couple of Christmas presents for her nieces and nephews, or cousins, or whatever they are. I always like wandering around in there, so that was pretty fun. We came home for a short time after that, but eventually ended up going back downtown to have dinner at Easystreet. They were fairly busy, so we went upstairs to have a drink while we waited for our table. The timing was perfect--just as I finished my drink and we were heading downstairs to wait, the hostess came up to find us.

We had an awesome dinner and then came home. Brandi wanted to watch the second half of Return of the King, as she fell asleep while we watched it earlier in the week. We put it on, but this time it was my turn to fall asleep. I slept there on the couch while she watched the movie, and then we both went to bed shortly after it ended.

Brandi had to work on Saturday, so she got up and left while I stayed in bed. I actually got up pretty shortly after she left and went out to run some errands. Then I came back and played PlayStation and watched football. Brandi came home bearing food well into the afternoon, so that was when we had lunch. We just hung out here at home for a while after that. Brandi wrapped the presents she had bought the night before, and I helped where I could. Later in the evening we went out to get some groceries and a few other things. One thing I picked up was the movie Scrooged, which is one of my Christmas favorites.

When we got home Brandi cleaned up the place a little bit and put the groceries away while I talked on the phone to our friends Amy and Doug. Then we watched the end of the Saturday night NFL game. Brandi went to bed not too long after that, as she had to work on Sunday morning, but I stayed up for a while to play PlayStation and read.

On Sunday, I again stayed in bed while Brandi got up to go to work. I finally got up around noon, which was nice. I spent most of the day watching football, but I managed to get some productive things done as well. Brandi and I watched Scrooged after she got home, and afterwards is when my laundry trouble began. I was up until after 2:00 doing that, due to the occupation of the laundry room, but I attempted some maintenance on Brandi's laptop while I waited.

There's a lot to look forward to in the upcoming week, even aside from the holiday. Tomorrow at work my entire department is being taken out to lunch by our boss, which should be pretty cool. That evening there's a BGSU basketball game, and Wednesday is the GMAC Bowl featuring the BGSU Falcons vs. the Memphis Tigers. With all of that plus the holiday, I'm hoping the week will pass by pretty quickly.

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