Friday, January 21, 2005

A Few Notes

  • On the bright side, it'll be the last time. George W. Bush was inaugurated again yesterday. What a waste. I don't even care who's in office; there's no sense in having an expensive inauguration for a second term. It's just stupid. Of course, it's even worse in this case, because Mr. Bush himself is utterly worthless as a world leader. Despite spending his first four years in office mangling everything within reach, America, in its infinite wisdom, elected to give him another term in office. Instead of learning from his mistakes, Mr. Bush sees his re-election as a justification of his incompetence and a "mandate" for more. I still hold out hope that the second term will be better (how, exactly, could it be worse?), but, frankly, I'd be surprised. The good news is that he has now officially entered lame-duck status. Whoever takes office four years from now is almost certain to be a better choice.

  • On a completely unrelated note...since I didn't get a chance to comment on the end of the college football season, here goes (the short-short version). Matt Leinart definitely deserved the Heisman Trophy. He played a great game, and I absolutely can't believe the way USC dismantled Oklahoma. I thought that would be a good game, but it just wasn't. Still, as far as I'm concerned, USC isn't the "undisputed" national champion. Utah and Auburn finished the season undefeated as well, so they deserve the same status as Southern Cal. Until it's proven otherwise, that's the way I see it.

  • The most impressive players I saw in the college bowl season were Matt Leinart, Texas quarterback Vince Young, and Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn. That kid can absolutely fly. He was just so much better than everyone else on the field, it was unbelieveable. He's scary good.

  • I actually had a conversation today with my boss about this coming weekend's NFL playoff action. It was nothing earth-shattering, but it was an interesting experience to have a conversation with him nonetheless. I'm still kind of getting used to the idea of having higher-ups who actually treat their employees like real people.

  • Sounds like more snow is on the way this weekend. Lovely. You know, I would like snow a whole lot more if it would just stay off the pavement. Oh well, it's just something we have to get through. Brandi and I plan to be out and about a little bit this weekend, so I just hope it doesn't get too bad. There's light at the end of the tunnel, though. I can already tell that the days are getting longer; it's brighter outside each day when I get up and drive to work, and also when I come home each evening. Pretty soon, the groundhog will be peeking out, and pitchers and catchers will report for spring training. It's coming.
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