Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!

At some point, I'll likely have some New Year's resolutions to share. That won't happen, though, until I have time to write about it in my personal journal, which hasn't happened yet. I'm hoping to get there in the next few days. I'll keep you informed.

All in all, it was a pretty tame New Year's weekend. Tame, but not bad. It started early, as the company I work for shut down at 3:00 on Friday for New Year's Eve. I had thought about working out afterwards, but my gym was only open until 4:00 that day, so it was out of the question. Instead I got the oil changed in my car, and given the mildness of the weather, I decided to get it washed as well. I stopped on the way home to try to get my hair cut, but the place was packed and the wait was really long, so I just came home.

Brandi and I didn't have too much in the way of plans for the evening. She was tired, so she napped for a little while as I did some other things around the apartment. Eventually, though, I managed to wake her up, and we got ourselves ready to go out for dinner. We went to Olive Garden, as it's one of our favorite places to eat and we hadn't been there for a while. We thought it might be really busy, but the wait wasn't really any different from what it would have been any other Friday night. We had to wait about forty-five minutes, which wasn't bad at all. We had a glass of wine apiece while we waited, and just chatted. Eventually we were seated, and had a nice dinner.

We had no plans for after dinner. We thought about going out to a bar in Bowling Green, but the two places we thought about going to were both closed, and we knew all the other places would be packed. That being the case, we decided to skip the whole scene. We just came back to the apartment and had a quiet New Year's at home. We watched the Times Square celebration on TV, which really didn't seem the same without Dick Clark. We saw the ball drop to kick off 2005, and we retired shortly thereafter.

Saturday was absolutely filled with football. I sat on the couch in front of the television for most of the afternoon. Two televisions, actually: one showing real live college football games, the other being used for college football on PlayStation. This, my friends, is the epitome of a glorious Saturday afternoon. Football was put on pause for a portion of the evening while Brandi and I watched my new Edwin McCain live concert DVD, which was awesome. Then we caught the end of the Fiesta Bowl before calling it an evening.

After getting up on Sunday I got ready to go to Bowling Green's basketball game. My friend Jamie was planning to go to the game with me on her way back to Chicago from New Year's with her family, but she ended up getting sick and never made it out of Chicago in the first place. I thought I was going to end up going by myself, which wouldn't have been the first time, nor even out of the ordinary at all, but I finally talked Brandi into going with me. The Falcons played Buffalo, who was picked before the season to win the MAC Eastern Division, and won the game 95-88. It was a great college game, and Brandi and I came home happy.

It was a pretty lazy day after that. We watched some NFL and just hung out. Later that night we watched the movie Collateral, which I had borrowed from work. After that we pretty much called it a weekend. For the first of 2005, it certainly wasn't bad. Now it's time to get back to the grind with the first work week of 2005, which hopefully will be decent as well.

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