Monday, January 31, 2005

A Weekend of Leisure

It seems as though I'm destined never to see the movie The Terminal. For the second straight week, I borrowed the DVD from work over the weekend, and for the second straight weekend, Brandi and I never got around to watching it. We didn't really have much else going on, but we just never got around to it.

When I got home after work on Friday, Brandi was taking a nap. She had worked early that morning, so she went back to bed when she got home. I hopped online and took care of a few things, then went in and woke her up. We hung out for a little bit, then went out for dinner that evening. We went to Easystreet Cafe here in BG, which is one of our favorite places. They were pretty crowded when we got there, so we went upstairs to the bar area to have a drink while we waited. We really didn't have to wait all that long, though--we were up there for maybe half an hour, but I don't think it was quite that long.

After dinner we headed over to BW3 to have a drink and hang out for a little bit. We hadn't planned on going out at all, but we headed in there to see if they had any live music or anything going on. It turned out they had a pretty good DJ in there, so we sat down and hung out for a while. The Cavs were playing on the big screen, and Brandi ran into a guy she used to work with when she was in school here, so it was a good time. We didn't stay out too late, as Brandi had to teach a class on Saturday morning, but we definitely had fun while we were there.

Brandi got up on Saturday and went to teach her class. I planned on doing some work on my computer, which was having some trouble running The Sims 2, but our Internet connection was down all afternoon. I contented myself with playing some PlayStation and watching college basketball. When Brandi got home, I was watching Kent State play at Toledo. She went out to get McDonald's for our lunch, but when she got back they had shorted us part of our order. I went along with her to get the rest of it. When we got back we listened to the BG-Ohio game on the radio, and after we ate I played more PlayStation. Later in the evening, our Internet connection came back up, so I was finally able to perform the necessary updates to my computer, and I'm happy to report that The Sims 2 is now running flawlessly.

Brandi not only had to work on Sunday, she had to work early. She went to bed pretty early on Saturday night. I wasn't planning to join her, but we put on a movie in our room, and both of us ended up crashing out. I thought I would get up at some point, but I didn't. I slept all the way through. Brandi got up and left around 6:30, but I stayed in bed until 10:00.

I didn't really do too much that morning. I played some video games and tried to straighten up our computer room a little bit. When Brandi got home, we ordered some food and watched more college basketball. Then Brandi went in for a nap, and I played some more video games and did some reading.

Brandi didn't wake up until into the evening. She settled down on the couch to watch Extreme Home Makeover, and I went out briefly to get us some ice cream. After her show was over, we watched Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, which I also brought home from work for the weekend. That was pretty damned funny. When it was over, I made some popcorn and we put on a movie in our room. Neither one of us lasted all the way through it.

So, it wasn't an incredibly exciting weekend, but it was a pretty good one, at least for me. It was definitely relaxing. I don't know yet what's on the agenda for next weekend, other than watching the Super Bowl on Sunday evening. I'm sure we'll find something fun to do, but we have to make it through this week first. The weekend after that is one to look forward to. Brandi and I are hitting the road for a little weekend trip. To most people, a weekend trip to Cleveland in February might not sound all that great, but I think it'll be fun. We've got tickets for an NBA game (Nuggets at Cavs) on Friday night, and we're going to see BG play at Kent State on Saturday evening. We're staying in the same general area where Brandi used to live, so we'll be able to visit some of our old haunts. I wasn't always crazy about going over there when Brandi lived there (due to the drive, which got a bit old after doing it so frequently), but now that we've been away for a while, it'll be a fun trip for both of us.

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