Friday, February 18, 2005

The End of the Suspense

Today I finally found out exactly why I got a bigger desk. It turns out to be not an incredibly huge deal. Next week I'm going to be given another computer, a second computer, an Apple Macintosh (cue booing) so I can do some rudimentary graphics work. I'll be able to scan art to use in our catalogs, or search for it on the internet. My primary responsibility will still be proofreading, but this new task will be something I can do when I have downtime. They'll be putting the new computer on my enormous desk next Thursday, and my training will come sometime after that.

Of course, no mention of additional pay was made to go along with these additional responsibilities. The person or people who would have control over something like that are still in Hawai'i, where they've been for a little over three weeks now. People at my workplace haven't proven to be all that effective in communication, at least when it comes to me, so I don't know if this is something that has been worked out beforehand (before they left), if it's coming down from Hawai'i, or if the people who remain behind are making it up as they go along. I'm sure the work part of it was decided before they left, since it was the company president who made the decision about my desk. As for the rest of it, who knows? I guess at some point there will either be a change in rate on my paychecks or there won't be, and that will be how I know whether or not I'm getting a raise. I would be surprised if anyone told me, at least if it happened out of the blue. If things go the way they're supposed to (I don't have enough experience there to know whether to expect that or not), there should be a three-month review sometime in the very near future. If nothing has been said by that time, I'll certainly be bringing it up at that point myself.

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