Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Trying Not to Bore You

I realize I've been writing a lot about my job lately. I also realize that this probably isn't the most exciting thing in the world to read about. I hope you'll indulge me for just a bit longer, as I really do plan to taper it off soon. Right now it's still kind of new to me, and thus it's on my mind, sometimes to the exlusion of other things.

I still haven't figured out exactly why I was given a bigger desk last week. I'm trying to figure out exactly what new tasks can be assigned to me that will require all this extra space. It's entirely possible that there's nothing more to it than the company president seeing the space I was taking up the one day I was sorting files and just making a snap decision to increase my workspace. From what I've gathered so far, that would be something he might do. I do think there's more to it than that, though. After all, I'm pretty sure I did hear him comment that one day about me needing a second monitor.

Also, although it's entirely possible that she's just messing with my mind, the lady whose desk is on my right keeps hinting that there's something I haven't been told. Today I accidentally dropped a highlighter down the small space behind my desk, and had to climb into my knee space in order to retrieve it. When I climbed back up into my chair, the lady in question made a comment about how far I had just traveled. The conversation after that went something like this:

Her: "So, have you figured out why you have a bigger desk yet?"
Me: "Nope."
Her: "If you pay me a lot of money, I'll tell you."
Me: "You just asked me for the one thing I don't have."
Her: "Yeah, they were just talking about that up in the front office."

Now, it's entirely possible that I misinterpreted (or even misheard) what she said, but it sounded to me like she was saying that there was a discussion going on in the front office about how much money I have/make. That's pretty interesting, I think, as I can't figure out why they'd be discussing something like that unless they were planning to adjust it. Well, unless they were just making fun of me, which given the size of my paycheck, is not out of the question at all.

Anyway, if they're going to add tasks to my list of responsibilities, I'm thinking it'll probably happen fairly soon. Our catalog deadline is Thursday, and after that I'll probably be slow for a little while. Of course, I'm fairly slow most of the time, but they don't seem to have noticed that yet. At any rate, if I'm going to take on responsibilities and/or learn something new, that would be a prime time for it to happen. I really do hope it happens soon. I still have some mixed feelings about this job. I like the work well enough, but there isn't really enough work for me to do. It's frustrating.

Whatever happens, I hope they don't try to move me altogether away from proofreading. I don't think that will happen, because all the feedback I've gotten on my work has been outstanding. Still, it sounds like sometimes the company president makes decisions to move people around like that, and that's just the way it is. I would hope, if that were the case, that someone would have talked to me about it first. I came into the company for proofreading, after all. I'm not necessarily adverse to doing something else, but I'd want to have the chance to agree to it first. I want no part of anything that will require me to have a phone on my desk. That was one of the things I hated about my last job, and I'm in no hurry to get back to it.

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