Thursday, March 10, 2005

And So It Ends

RedHawks Top BGSU 85-65

Tonight, the season came to an end for the BGSU Falcons' men's basketball team. It seems like the season just started, and yet it's over. I listened to tonight's game on the radio, and it was not easy to listen to. The Falcons pretty much got pounded. I'm sure it wouldn't have been any easier to watch had I been there--it probably would have been worse, actually--but I wish I would have been there anyway. These guys were so much fun to watch this year. I wish I could have seen them play one more time, especially the seniors. We're going to miss them.

Despite low expectations, the Falcons challenged for a MAC West Division championship this season. They stumbled a bit at the end, but they had a chance, and they were still a dangerous team heading into the MAC Tournament. I had hopes of them winning tonight, and then neither hell nor high water could have kept me from Cleveland for tomorrow and Saturday's games. I envisioned myself watching them win the championship game on Saturday to earn an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. I tried to imagine what that would feel like. Once again, I'll have to wait at least until next year to find out.

Eventually I'll write a detailed examination of the past season and where the Falcons will go from here. For now, I just have to let this one sink in.

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