Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stuck Here

Ugh. When I was working at my last job, I never thought I would find myself wanting to be back there after I left. That's exactly the situation I found myself in today, though. For one thing, I was suffering from terminal boredom at my new job. I had almost nothing to do for the entire time I was there, which was seven and a half hours on the clock. Of course, that's something I was accustomed to at my last job, when I didn't have much to do on most days. At that job, however, I had full use of the Internet, which was a wonderful time killer. Sure, a lot of days still felt long, but at least they were fairly productive, personally if not professionally.

Having nothing else to do, I spent most of the day thinking about MAC basketball and the upcoming MAC Tournament. Again, that's exactly what I would have been doing at the old place. At that place, with the Internet, things probably would have gone a little bit differently. I would have spent the day reading stories from Monday's game, and previews of tomorrow night's game. I would have spent a lot of time on message boards for MAC teams, reading and writing about all the matchups. Then I would have checked out the ticket situation, just for kicks, and I probably would have found that good seats were still available. I probably would have bought one, and spent the rest of the day coming up with a scheme for how I could get off a little early tomorrow in order to get to Cleveland in time for the game.

It's probably better that it didn't go down that way, as a trip to Cleveland for tomorrow night's game would not be wise right now (especially since, if they win tomorrow, there would be no way I would come back; I'd stay in Cleveland for Friday's game). Still, I really hate that I can't go. I love the tournament. I really like seeing the Falcons play as much as possible, of course, but I like being there for all the games, even when BG isn't playing. Whenever it happens that I find myself with more than one week of vacation time, I'll be using a couple of those days each year to attend the MAC Tournament at Gund Arena, in its entirety. In the meantime, I'll be listening to Todd Walker and Brent Klassen broadcast tomorrow night's game on the radio, hoping the Falcons win so I can go see them on Friday.

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