Monday, April 11, 2005

The Celebration Begins

As of tomorrow, Brandi and I have been together for two years. She'll be home fairly late tomorrow, though, so we decided to do the bulk of our celebrating this weekend.

We shared a pretty low-key evening on Friday night. We went out for dinner at a good local Chinese restaurant, which made me pretty happy. Brandi doesn't want Chinese food very often, so we hadn't eaten there in quite some time. The food was awesome, as usual. After we got home, my friend McComas called and invited us to come over to his place for a while. We went down there, but Brandi didn't stay for very long. McComas and I were playing PlayStation football, so she came back to our place to work on her painting. She was asleep when I got home around 1:30; I stayed up for a while to read before turning in myself.

Brandi had to teach a class and train a client on Saturday afternoon, so she got up and left. I played some PlayStation and did some other stuff while she was gone. When she got home she made her famous nacho concoction for us to snack on while we watched SpongeBob SquarePants (there was nothing else on). We watched that for a little bit, and then took a nap.

We ended up sleeping longer than either of us intended to, but it wasn't a big deal at all. I think it was around 7:00 when we finally woke up. We got ready and then headed out on our recreation of our first date. We started by having dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse in Toledo. There were a lot of people in the lobby when we got there, so we thought we'd have to wait a while for a table. As it turned out, we only had to wait maybe five minutes. We had a glass of wine with our meal, which was quite nice. The photograph above was taken after dinner, before we got in my car.

From there we went to the Cinema de Lux in Maumee, where we saw the movie Fever Pitch (which I'll review probably tomorrow). Two years ago the movie we saw was Anger Management, but it was at the same theater, when it was still Showcase Cinemas and hadn't yet been upgraded to the Cinema de Lux.

After the movie we came back into Bowling Green and went out for a drink. On our first date the bars we went to were Brewster's and BW3, but on Saturday we felt like something a little less crowded than Brewster's and we didn't know if BW3 would still be open. Instead, we went to Upstairs at Easystreet, which turned out to be a good choice. There was a decent crowd there, but not so many that it was crowded.

We came home after that and started watching The Wedding Singer on DVD. That was one of the movies we watched after coming back to my place on our first date, the other being As Good As It Gets. This time around Brandi didn't even make it through all of one movie before getting tired, so we watched most of it in our room.

On Sunday we had plans to go to her parents' house for dinner. Brandi got up early and did some cleaning around the apartment while I slept in. I finally got up around noon. We got ourselves ready, and we left for her hometown around 2:00. I watched the Indians-Tigers game with her dad, and we just hung out there with her family for a while. Her stepmom made Cornish hens, roasted potatoes, and Betty's salad for dinner, and it was all really good.

After dinner we ended up going to visit some of Brandi's friends from high school. We were there for a few hours, playing poker and euchre. It was my first time playing poker, actually--we played Texas hold 'em, just like on TV, and I'd say I did pretty well. We weren't playing for money, but I had a pretty good chip collection going when we finally stopped.

It was around 10:30 when we finally left there and got on the road back to Bowling Green. Brandi amused herself with my iPod and our digital camera on the drive back. We weren't awake for too long after we got home.

Since Brandi will be home late tomorrow, we don't really have any plans for our actual anniversary date. We are going to exchange gifts, then, at least. That'll be a nice way to mark what has been two incredible years together. It's hard to believe it's been that long already.

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